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Let your money travel through time! Investment vehicles let your spend money now to get more money later (they usually have nothing to do with cars). Insurance is a way of spending money now to protect against future losses.

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Accounting and financial statements

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Cash versus accrual accounting

Just keeping track of cash that goes in and out of a business doesn't always reflect what's going on. This tutorial compares cash and accrual accounting. Very valuable if you ever plan on starting or investing in any type of business (you might also discover a nascent passion for accounting)!

Three core financial statements

Corporations use three financial statements to report what's going on: balance sheets, cash flow statements and income statements. They can be derived from each other and each give a valuable lens on the operations and condition of a business. After you know the basics of accrual accounting (available in another tutorial), this tutorial will give you tools you need to responsibly understand any business.

Depreciation and amortization

How do you account for things that get "used up" or a cost that should be spread over time. This tutorial has your answer. Depreciation and amortization might sound fancy, but you'll hopefully find them to be quite understandable.