Forces on inclined planes

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4A: If you've ever moved from one town to another, you are likely familiar with inclined planes. When you push up that 50 pound box into the long flatbed truck , there are several forces at play: the weight of the box, the frictional force between the box and the ramp, and the force of your push. We will explain how these forces interact so next time the move won't be so back-breaking.

Inclined plane force components

VIDEO 12:42 minutes
Figuring out the components of the force due to gravity that are parallel and perpendicular to the surface of an inclined plane

Ice accelerating down an incline

VIDEO 10:37 minutes
Figuring out the acceleration of ice down a plane made of ice

Force of friction keeping the block stationary

VIDEO 8:41 minutes
Block of wood kept stationary by the force of friction (Correction made in next video)

Correction to force of friction keeping the block stationary

VIDEO 0:51 minutes
Correction to Force of Friction Keeping the Block Stationary

Force of friction keeping velocity constant

VIDEO 9:09 minutes
Calculating the coefficient of kinetic friction (correction made in next video)

Intuition on static and kinetic friction comparisons

VIDEO 7:21 minutes
Why static friction is harder to overcome than kinetic friction

Static and kinetic friction example

VIDEO 9:50 minutes
Thinking about the coefficients of static and kinetic friction