Cell membrane overview

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2A: Not all shall pass! Yards have fences, and cells have membranes. You don’t want just anybody waltzing into your backyard. Similarly, a healthy cell doesn’t just let in any random molecule - this is the concept of selective permeability. Some molecules (e.g. steroids) more easily cross the barrier whereas others (e.g. charged ions) have a more difficult time getting inside the cell without a little help from transporters in the membrane.

Cell membrane questions

Cell membrane questions

Cell membrane introduction

VIDEO 8:52 minutes
Learn about how phospholipids form the cell membrane, and what types of molecules can passively diffuse thorugh the membrane. By William Tsai.

Phospholipid structure

VIDEO 7:01 minutes
Learn about the detailed structure of phospholipids in the cell membrane. By Willaim Tsai.

Cell membrane overview and fluid mosaic model

VIDEO 8:52 minutes
Learn about the major components that make up our cell membrane and the fluid mosaic model. By William Tsai.

Cell membrane proteins

VIDEO 8:11 minutes
Learn about the different types of proteins that exist on the cell membrane. By William Tsai.

Cell membrane fluidity

VIDEO 7:04 minutes
Learn how the phospholipids in the cell membrane maintain membrane fluidity. By William Tsai.

Membrane dynamics

VIDEO 5:29 minutes
Learn about how the phospholipids move around in our cell membrane in the fluid mosaic model. By William Tsai.