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Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep

With Khan Academy's Official LSAT Prep, you can build the skills and confidence to succeed on test day. 100% Free. Diagnose your strengths and weaknesses; unlock your personalized practice plan; access thousands of practice problems, full-length exams, and helpful content; and receive progress updates so you can see how close you’re getting to your goal score. Sign up for Khan Academy's free, personalized LSAT Prep Program today.

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Video transcript

Welcome to Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep My name is Anju Khetan and I'm the Product Manager for Khan Academy Test Prep. Khan Academy has teamed up with the LSAC to provide free and official prep for the Law School Admission Test. We'll help you reach your LSAT goal in four steps. First, we'll diagnose your strengths and weaknesses. You'll take a series of short tests or a full practice exam. We'll identify the skills you should focus on first to improve your LSAT score the most. Second you'll receive a personalized practice plan. The practice plan is based on the score you are trying to reach, your practice schedule, and your strengths and weaknesses. Third we'll encourage you to practice practice practice.... by giving you access to thousands of practice problems, full-length exams, and hours of videos, articles, and explanations covering every concept on the LSAT. Fourth and finally, we'll help you track your progress toward your target score. As weaknesses turn into strengths, you'll see your test scores rise. Throughout it all, we'll check in with you on a regular basis to help you stay on track. Please visit us at khanacademy.org/lsat to learn more about our Khan Academy Official LSAT Prep program.