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Make your study time count: How to use Official LSAT Prep on Khan Academy

Top tips for getting the most out of your practice sessions

Practice in all three levels

Every question throughout skill practice is packed with goodness!
The assigned difficulty level of the Analytical Reasoning setups and Reading Comp passages in the system was determined by averaging the difficulty levels of the questions in the group. This means that setups and passages in the “Basic” category contain some very difficult questions. If you see repeats in a level, then change it up—we promise it will be worth it!

Take hints

Every question in the skill practice area of the system has solution steps, which we also call Hints. Even if you got the question right, were you 100% confident? If not, then you could benefit from reading through the solution steps before moving on to more practice tasks.

Read the explanations

Every choice on every question has an explanation. Please consider taking the time to read through the explanations for why the answers are right and the wrong choices are wrong. The chances are good that you may learn something through more in-depth analysis, especially for those questions you aren’t 100% confident on.
Pro tip: Carefully review every question you're not 100% confident about You can review all the solution steps to each problem after you submit your answers—without negatively affecting your progress in the system. This is the most important part of your prep program; you should aim to spend about three times as much time reviewing your responses as you spend doing problem sets.

Things to consider as you evaluate your confidence

  • Can you explain how you arrived at a question’s answer?
  • Could you teach another student how to analyze the question and solve it efficiently?
  • Can you explain why the answer must be right and the other choices must be wrong?
If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you still have room for improvement—in both your fluency with each question and your confidence with its question type. Don’t just burn through more questions, passages and setups.
Slow down, reflect on the questions you did and why you might have gotten them right or wrong. Review the explanation, and make sure it makes sense to you.

Work through the Quick Guides and Learn More articles

The articles in the Lessons section of the system contain best practices, tips and strategies to help you do your best on Test Day. If you are seeing repeats, consider stopping and taking a practice break for a bit as you review this rich support content, including all of the articles and videos in the Lessons Tab.

Watch the Video Lessons and Worked Examples

The instructors who recorded the worked examples and video lessons are experts in the LSAT. Every video can show you another way of thinking about how to approach a question type.

Keep an LSAT notebook or journal handy

Whenever you learn a new way to approach a question, or you recognize a specific area of potential growth for you, write it down! Some students prefer a paper notebook, and some just keep a running document on their computer desktop. Copy them! Paste them! Diagram them several ways! Take special note of the questions that give you trouble, and the steps and approaches you decide to choose to use routinely on the way to the solution.

Good luck!

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  • blobby green style avatar for user Maggie Pipkin
    When studying for the LSAT what is the best way to review the lessons provided and practice at the same time?
    (9 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Omar Alikhan
    I was just wondering about the progress tracking calendar. I’ve scheduled 2 hours a day in the calendar which I have been meeting, but the stars are only ever half full. Yet, when I log in I am notified that I have no practice scheduled for the day. Are there lessons/questions that I am not seeing?

    Thank you in advance!
    (6 votes)
    Default Khan Academy avatar avatar for user
    • starky tree style avatar for user Megan Sargent
      I have been having a similar issue where I complete multiple assignments and then log on the next day and have it tell me that I am now behind schedule (when I apparently had no practice scheduled for the day before). I am unsure how to resolve this however, I have noticed that all my stars are full on the days that I complete more questions (It tells you how many questions you have completed in the little calendar tracking once you go into the days you've already worked). I think it may have something to do with doing the assignments that have the highest priority, the number of questions you get right or number of assignments that you pass (as I have noticed this moves you along the path through different stages). If anyone else has any information regarding this, I would also appreciate any input.
      (3 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user Alana Anderson
    How do you change the level of the practice test for each session? Mine are all stuck on Basic.
    (6 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Attorney Hollins
    I'm having such a difficult time with the questions especially the analytical reasoning it difficult to absorb and retain . I've read through all the articles,examples and worked example taken notes with a journal for each lesson topic and still finding it difficult. I thought this would give me a study guide and a little more direction,am I doing something wrong? Help
    (5 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Victoria Hollup
    I’m a stay at hoke mom to an 11 month old and I’m trying to set a realistic goal of a study plan. I can only study once he falls asleep at night. Is 2 hours a night for 6 months enough time? I am also not able to take the full 4 hour practice test since I still nurse my son. Am I able to pause the exam in order to feed him?
    (3 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user BA RANDOLPH
    How do I select a different level of competency (Ex: Medium vs Basic) when using study time? How do I select Phase 2 study practices?
    (2 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user william davis
    where is the video that explains how to take the flex test and enter answers
    (1 vote)
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