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Daido Moriyama

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Printing Show
is a recreation of Daido Moriyama's 1974 performance of the same name. At this event, participants created their own limited-edition photobook of images by Moriyama, arranging the images in whatever order they chose. Listen as Moriyama shares why, nearly 40 years on, this kind of collaboration with the audience still excites him.
Created by Tate.

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Video transcript

okay Oh si si you may not have a tell them I usually do it to yourself though you go today given their on the grade curriculum menu they are top y cuatro de sade a no Baramulla so no chatting - you know me - Tommy or knock you in their ear and a question oh Dakini man wha Oh Tonto Yasu unamuno 9 gonna happen the event today is the recreation of what dino Morea originally did in 1974 a few years after visiting New York in 1971 he decided to have an exhibition of the of that work but rather than having prints on the wall inspired by the pop art of what was happening in New York at that time he decided to instead have a photocopy machine in the space and a solution printing station people who came to the gallery instead of seeing prints they instead saw the photographer stationed at a photocopy machine pressing copy button creating individual layouts by moving his photographs around for each customer he was still doing the Edit and sequencing but he was shuffling the pages as they were coming out and he would put those sheets into a sub screen printed cover that was printed within the gallery and while he was drawing the silkscreen people were offered a cup of coffee so it was kind of a way of decamping the idea of what a photography exhibition should be donate a poly-cotton donate as I hear taquito so no nineteen Ghana critical critical additional condo communication salut call you names more ek kokino Boehner said paste a retainer so knock on door Karen I know I'd understand Rococo photos own a castle with a unit so thank you mom what you read of it what we did in the modernization of the event was to reintroduce this idea of giving the editing and sequencing power to the reader it went from Dido scrambling his photos on a photocopy machine to the audience picking a sequence and edit from the world but that is very much in keeping with dido's larger ideas and larger aesthetics finding your food took a new name marijuana Tapani guru solo Matteo canoe stokoe staccato naruhodo non tonic oh you esto no ma yo Aaron destro knows Konami Tom Oh God oh gotta mu zero intone a school tomorrow Tom oh no zenbu meet em tight Jordana cutie Mutua today personas Tononi a no say cos an account oka a no nichijou savato Camila Timo Nicasio casino Thursday so you see no communication Allah Naruto in many ways I see this event as photographer flipping back and forth between functioning as a photographer a designer and artist all in one his ability to embrace that and allow for all that is continues to be inspiring so it's an honor to be able to restage it once again here at the tape you