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Ei Arakawa

This video brought to you by Tate.org.uk

New York-based Japanese artist Ei Arakawa creates a series of collaborative performances and actions during a residency at Tate Modern. In this film, we meet the artist whose work takes inspiration from experimental avant-garde performace in post-war Japan, exploring performance and cross-disciplinary action. Watch as Arakawa uses collaboration to create a work of art that depends upon audience members working together, creating an atmosphere of silliness and participation..
Created by Tate.

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Video transcript

I'm naturally samething about the performance since I was I draw junior high school that's like a very normal perspective for me for events we are having this suite that I overnight always locked with different artists we have a singles night we use Yuta Cooter's Ottawa road map broadened as a medium so the singles and singles can communicate through the object and the second event is completely different it's more art history event it's not the academic talk but more at the performance thought we are doing a screening of a film following the film we have uk-based flood routes dancing with artworks by custom brush and Sunday we are activating Ruffin painting as a main actor performance welcome to singles night could you pick up this black plant what the audience crap Finkelstein single take home single single four singles night we are somewhat relies on improvisation of audience so I hope it's not going to be interesting rate my hometown which is Fukushima Japan were affected by asteroid and radiation crisis last year after 60s started to a business of making Hawaiian sort of a hot spring business and a flood growls is very famous in my hometown Calais casing canvas casing it's not really like I like to do performance I kind of head state when the attention was coming to me all the time so it's always interesting to redistribute attention over another artist hey take this take hey you