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Michelangelo Pistoletto

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Italian artist and leading member of the arte povera movement  Michelangelo Pistoletto came to London to recreate a seminal 1966 performance in which he rolled a ball of newspapers through the streets of Turin, Italy. With the help of his wife Maria and a huge crowd, the artist rolled, pushed, and bounced the ball out into the city. We follow Pistoletto as he travels over the Millennium Bridge, through the streets, then back to the gallery on a boat. Listen as the artist shares the political and personal significance of staging such a collaborative action today.
Created by Tate.

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Video transcript

you but we move this sphere that was made with newspapers the newspapers of the last time last years and they are it's a copy of the newspaper sphere that I did in 66 with the paper of that time the the sphere is done in order to go outside from the museum from the place dedicated to act and bring the art in the street and be in becoming a sculptural for working it's a work in scotch we make a chore we make a tour will improvise probably a little bit we like to improvise for me the heart can also be Democratic can be very much in involving the society behind like like a big statue it's gone well as you see many people scummy I don't know if everybody will go on with us you see wait reasonable yeah take the boat yeah okay Arthur progress still is it's important for that reason because we are in the moment of big change of big transformation we are the progress is turning around cannot go ahead in the sense of the problems the traditional sense of the problems we have to make a big turn around but I I am trying to do that with Citadel are not only making objects but making an activity that is booting art and social life and social economy social communication in condition of moving and making this new turn around you