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Number patterns

6 videos
2 skills
Let's explore how numbers can grow in different ways and use what we learn to figure out where they can go. We think you'll find this tutorial on number patterns more fun that you do :)

Using factors and multiples to figure out days of the week

VIDEO 5:22 minutes
Can you help us think of a mathematical way to determine what day of the week a certain number day falls on? You may say no....but wait! Watch this.

Math patterns example 1

VIDEO 3:38 minutes
Part of our exploration of math is learning to identify patterns among numbers. Can you see the pattern in this example?

Math patterns example 2

VIDEO 5:41 minutes
We continue to strengthen our skill in identifying patterns. This time we'll use a table to track the pattern.

Math patterns 2


Number patterns: Seeing relationships

VIDEO 2:36 minutes
Laying the foundation for algebraic thinking by learning to recocognize the relationships between paterns and graphing out those relationships.

Number patterns: interpreting relationships

VIDEO 4:31 minutes
Examining the points on a number line and interpreting the patterns to discover the relationships.

Number patterns:: interpreting and graphing relationships

VIDEO 4:33 minutes
We're building in complexity as we interpret and graph the relationships between patterns in the given ordered pairs. Don't stress. We're here to help!