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Let's now extend our understanding of area from triangles into more interesting shapes like quadrilaterals! We'll examine how to find the area of parallelograms, trapezoids, kites, and oddly shaped quadrilaterals. Finding the area of geometric shapes like these is a really important skill. Imagine buying carpet for your bedroom...or fertilizer for your lawn? You'll need to know the area of these shapes. There are lots of real life applications! Common Core Standard: 6.G.A.1

Perimeter and area: the basics

VIDEO 8:25 minutes
Great geometry primer on perimeter and area. Listen carefully. Sal explains the concepts so you'll understand them.

Area of a trapezoid

VIDEO 4:48 minutes
A trapezoid is a cousin of the parallelogram. However, in trapezoid only two of the opposing sides are parallel to each other. Here's we explain how to find its area.

Area of a kite

VIDEO 3:49 minutes
Who doesn't like kites? If you were going to make your own out of a piece of cloth, then knowing the area of the kite would be helpful, right? Let's see how it's done.

Area of trapezoids, rhombi, and kites

Find areas of trapezoids, rhombi, and kites given important lengths.

Finding area by rearranging parts

VIDEO 3:57 minutes
Sometimes it helps to rearrange the parts of geometric figures to find the area. That's what we're going to do here.

Finding area by breaking up the shape

VIDEO 5:15 minutes
Don't be intimidated by odd looking geometric figures and being asked to find its area. In this example you'll understand that breaking up the figure into smaller geometric shapes that are regular make the task a lot easier.

Area of strange quadrilateral

VIDEO 3:54 minutes
Again, some quadrilaterals can be oddly shaped so break it up into shapes where finding the area is more easily determined.