Comparing and sampling populations

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When we are trying to make a judgement about a population, it is often impractical (or impossible) to observe every member of the population. Imagine trying to survey all 300+ million Americans to understand the likely outcome of the next presidential election! Because of this, much of statistics is collecting data from a representative and random sample. From the data collected from this random sample we can infer things about the greater population.

Reasonable samples

VIDEO 4:17 minutes
To make a valid conclusion, you'll need a representaive, not skewed, sample.

Valid claims

Did we take a random sample? Did we draw valid conclusions?

Making inferences from random samples

Given a random sample, what can we reasonably infer about the entire population?

Dot plot and distribution word problem

VIDEO 4:00 minutes
Let's examine the distribution of a dot plot to draw conclusions about the times of Olympic swimmers.

Comparing populations

Compare centers of distributions in terms of their spread.