Limits introduction
Limits from tables
Limits from graphs
One-sided limits
Formal definition of limits (epsilon-delta)
Review: Limits basics
Continuity at a point
Limits of combined and composite functions
Continuous functions
Intermediate value theorem
Review: Continuity
Limits from equations (direct substitution)
Limits from equations (factoring & rationalizing)
Squeeze theorem
Limits of trigonometric functions
Limits of piecewise functions
Removable discontinuities
Review: Limits from equations
Unbounded limits (vertical asymptotes)
Limits at infinity (horizontal asymptotes)
Review: Infinite limits
Continuity challenge
7 questions
About this unit
Reach infinity within a few seconds! Limits are the most fundamental ingredient of calculus. Learn how they are defined, how they are found (even under extreme conditions!), and how they relate to continuous functions.