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Legalism and Daoism


Read the following passage and answer the question.
"A fanatical focus on conscripting troops and increasing agricultural production turned the state of Qin into a military powerhouse by the 3rd century BCE; the young King Zheng began a nine-year campaign to conquer his neighbors, and in 221, when his opponents lay in ruins, Zheng declared himself Qin Shi Huang, first Emperor of Qin. The emperor set about creating an administrative bureaucracy fashioned after his home state: China was divided up into regional administrative zones, all under the watchful eyes of Qin Empire officials. Under Qin Shi Huang, common people were conscripted into forced labor and punished or disfigured for petty infractions."
Khan Academy, "The Philosophers of the Warring States"
How did Legalism enable Qin Shi Huang to enact his imperial policies?
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