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Your favorite stories

Why do some stories pull you in? Storytelling is a sequence of events that unfolds through time. The stories that pull us in emotionally engage us, capture our imagination, and resonate with our experiences or feelings. Artists share stories that deeply affected them, emphasizing the power of storytelling.

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    I'd bring Tangled, and The Greatest Showman, and Moana. Or maybe Frozen...hmmm.
    (30 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user Crystal
    1. The Fox and The Hound (Lol has anyone else seen this movie?)
    2. The Aristocats
    3. Coraline

    I swear I'm born in 2003 but I like a lot of older movies cause I grew up watching them from my grandparents >.<
    (22 votes)
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  • aqualine ultimate style avatar for user Wesley Bowen hunts and fish.
    I would bring Harry Potter #6, because when Dumbledore dies, Harry gets sad and when Harry gets sad, I feel what he feels.
    (17 votes)
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  • starky seed style avatar for user Bruna  Mundeki
    Wow difficult question haha

    I like Memoirs of a Geisha, because the story of main character she had suffered a lot and because of I could learn some historical aspects and culture about Japan

    The Last Samurai was also a strong movie for me

    And a anime called Full Metal Alchemist, Brotherhood

    I just felt bad because I didn't have female inspirational movies..
    (13 votes)
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    • male robot johnny style avatar for user annapolisblueberry
      Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood will always have a place in my heart. It was beautifully written, it made you think, and the characters were incredible.

      If you still watch anime I'd recommend Vinland Saga, it's a seinen, but similar to FMAB, it really fleshes out all of its characters and is heavily plot driven.
      (7 votes)
  • blobby green style avatar for user PurpleSage778
    little women, stranger things, series of unfortunate events, or frozen
    (12 votes)
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  • aqualine seed style avatar for user Raine Furman
    Lord of the Rings: Return of the King
    The Hobbit
    A Song of Ice and Fire
    (12 votes)
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  • starky seed style avatar for user elijah
    probobly 1)incredibles 2
    2)ralph breaks the internet
    and 3)inside out
    (11 votes)
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  • blobby green style avatar for user dragonred1972
    CARS, coz it's my son's favorite movie and it will certainly remind me of him constantly.
    Any Miyazaki movie, coz he challenges me all the time and makes me feel alive and want to keep going.
    Return of the Jedi, reminds me of my childhood, keeps me feel young and fresh.
    (8 votes)
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    • leaf green style avatar for user Austin Kimmell
      1) The Fisher King - A stylized take on real-life problems, that can mingle fantasy, reality, hilarity, tragedy and so many emotions and moods that move me the more I watch it.
      2) Do The Right Thing - To use the art of cinema and storytelling to make a point is one thing. To make that point while entertaining the viewer with great dialogue, thrilling direction, outstanding cinematography and sound design, and unique, 3-dimensional characters is something else.
      3) Who Framed Roger Rabbit? - The use of technical wizardry, filmmaking technique, and outstanding animation in service of an homage to western animation's golden age without losing sight of character, storytelling, performance and dialogue.
      (6 votes)
  • starky seedling style avatar for user tclifton1410
    1. 1917 - I thought that this movie was an incredible story, I did not expect the younger brother to die as it seemed that the narrative was about him. The scene with the other soldier as he helps a french woman and a baby was incredibly moving.

    2. Harry Potter - the first books I ever read, and then re-read. I could imagine myself being apart of these adventures and it was just so thrilling to see it all, first in my head and then in the movies.

    3. Midway - I love the truth behind the whole story, and how incredibly focused they were on telling a good, factual story. The scenes are visually stunning, and you can see the main character grow from a cocky S.O.B. to a real leader and it makes the success all the more fufilling.
    (9 votes)
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  • cacteye green style avatar for user ecasey7108
    Infinity war because some of my favorite characters die and that’s emotional.
    The first avengers and then
    Monsters vs Aliens
    (8 votes)
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Video transcript

(clanking) - There are many ways to tell a story. And in simplest terms, a story is a sequence of events, or narrative, which unfolds through time. It begins, (soft music) something happens, (dramatic music) (screams) and it ends. (soft music) But, some stories, no matter how they're told, have a special quality. You've probably felt this. Some stories grab you emotionally, engage your mind and pull you in. Now, let's hear from our artists what stories pulled them in. - These little stop motion specials on at Christmas. And I remember seeing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer for the first time, and I knew the song, that's one thing. But then to see it illustrated and play out in the city, the Island of Lost Toys, how all these things were not what people expected or not of the norm, and I remember being very, very effective, affected by the injustice, and that really touched me as a kid. - In the case of Little Mermaid, I remember it was the first animated movie I had ever seen that took me somewhere else, and I remember just like being so transfixed with the idea of going under the ocean and swimming, and living a whole kind of other life. - A movie I saw called The Killing Fields. It was a war movie, and there's this whole section of this movie where the protagonist has to escape from bad guys, and it goes silent for like 30 minutes. It felt like 20, 30 minutes. And it's just so arresting to see this character trying to survive that I was just riveted. And when he finally finds his friend at the end like, I just remember, yeah, like breaking down. It was, felt incredibly emotional. - The Lion King. And I remember I was five years old and watching Mufasa fall to his death, and I was so traumatized that I had to leave the theater. It hadn't hit me before, but when I saw Simba nudging Mufasa's body, and he wasn't moving, and he, Simba was telling him to wake up, but his dad like wasn't waking up, and he just lay there. And that like stayed with me for a really long time. It traumatized me a little bit, but I think like I grew a little bit after watching it, too. - Imagine you're a castaway on an island. You can pick three of your favorite movies to bring with you. What would they be? (chimes) In the next exercise, you'll have a chance to think about what you would bring, and why these particular stories made such an impression on you. You'll reference these three stories in the exercises throughout the next six lessons. So, take the time to find your favorites.