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- Personally, I'm not really a big test-taker, so one of my biggest fears was being really scared and anxious when I would take the tests. But then I took a step back and really reflected on, well, how am I going to give my best? I'm really close friends with a lot of girls, and thankfully, we love to study together, so that was good to have people to rely on, and it was also important to not just take the tests once, but take it multiple times, so that we can just practice through longer periods of times. And we gave each other more than a month just to prepare. Preparation doesn't just happen overnight or in a couple weeks, but really understanding this is the date when the test comes, and this is how long we're going to prepare for it. And with me, I decided to take both the SAT and ACT, because I wanted to see whether I had a higher score in another test such as the ACT.