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Facing the standardized tests

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Video transcript

- So when preparing for the SAT or the ACT make sure that you are preparing yourself, that you are pursuing the resources that you need in order to familiarize yourself with standardized exams, but by all means do not completely lose your mind over it. Understand that those standardized tests are one of several factors that colleges consider in your application. There is a reason why we ask for so much different information, letters of recommendation, your transcript, your essays, because each of those individual pieces are just giving us small glimpses of who you are and standardized tests are just one other aspect of that. Those tests really are rarely used in a vacuum or reviewed in a vacuum. They're used in conjunction with your academic record to really understand and corroborate what we're already seeing on that transcript. So do your best, prepare as best as you can, get some good nights sleep the night before. Take it once and if possible take it twice or no more than three times really and then concentrate on the other aspects of your application, that you have a lot more control over. For us, your day to day performance in the classroom tells us a lot more about the type of student you're going to be on our college campus than how you perform on a test on a singular Saturday.