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- [Voiceover] Welcome to Official SAT Practice. Khan Academy and the College Board have teamed up to create the only SAT practice tool developed with the experts who write the SAT. It's personalized for each student. Available any time, anywhere, and completely free. We'll create personalized practice recommendations for you. Based on your test results from the PSAT89, PSAT10, PSATMMSQT, and SAT. If you haven't already taken a College Board test you can take our short diagnostic quizzes to get started. Your practice plan will show you where you already excel and where you should focus your practice. We'll also create a practice schedule for you based on your test date. We have tons of interactive practice questions developed with the College Board that give you instant feedback on your answers. As well as hints, and videos to help you master your skills. Mini sections help you practice under time pressure. We have official practice tests written by the College Board. Taking at least two practice tests will help you build the experience and endurance necessary to do well on test day. Join more than one million students already using Official SAT Practice. - Khan Academy was probably the best way that I can use the study. My math was below par. Using Khan Academy built it up. It improved my scores dramatically. - I like the leveling up. It kind of makes it a game. - I feel excited and prepared because it's something that I've already seen, I've already read through it. So, when I take it I'm gonna do it well. - [Voiceover] Sign up and get started today at satpractice.org.