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Student story: Admissions essay about personal identity

In your college admissions essay, it's important to share your unique story, embracing your nerdiness. This student, now an English major, wrote one admissions essay about writing as a political tool for expressing ideas. The student wrote another admissions essay about a unique "calculus dress" story, which served as a metaphor for embracing their identity as a nerd. 

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Video transcript

- So I wrote like 16 drafts of my papers. I thought long and hard about it. In addition to the 16 drafts or so there were about 10 other incomplete partial essays ideas I started writing and then completely abandoned. So I actually do remember what I wrote because some of the pieces of writing that I'm most proud of, partly because it was edited so many times, one of which was about my relationship to writing. So I'm an English major now so I guess it's pretty fitting that I wrote about writing back when I was applying to colleges and basically how I came to terms that good writing isn't necessarily about using big words or anything like that, but it's actually about communicating ideas officially and kind of coming at it from a very political and like social justice angle if you can have that in English so I actually wrote about that for one of them. It was very important for me to communicate to the admissions committee like what my academic interests were at the time. So I think that particular topic was a helpful way to be like I'm really interested in English and thinking about English functions as like a political tool. So like that was what the first paper was about. The second paper was about, this is very silly. It sounds very silly saying it now, but I wrote about what I call the I do calculus dress. Funny I still remember this. The I do calculus dress was a dress that me and my friends saw at JCPenney that was super ugly and we had an ongoing joke that only people who do calculus would ever dare wear such an unfashionable thing and like the I do calculus dress in my paper ended up becoming sort of this metaphor symbol for how I kind of grew into my status as a nerd at my high school which is very uncommon and how I learned to stop being ashamed of the dress that fit me so well, but actually wear it proudly and be like, yeah I'm a nerd and I'm okay with that and I'm okay with showing that off and flaunting that. So, again, this is also how I came to be comfortable with who I was and how I was intellectually stimulated and curious and that was a big part of me back then. So those are my personal statements.