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Student story: Admissions essay about community impact

In this example of a personal college essay, the author discusses about how they addressed challenges faced by their community, including a high dropout rate, gang activity, and drug use. The author explains how they used motivation to stay in school and work to bring positivity and success to their community.

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Video transcript

- For my personal essay I decided to talk about my community. Talk about the negativity, such as the high school dropout rate. It's at 65%. Talk about the gang life, talk about drugs. Talk about how real men decide to lead the youth into going into crime, going into gangs. Things like that. Something that I saw with my own eyes. Something I hated. With that image in my eyes seeing neighbors doing this and that. Seeing cops arrest and separate families definitely motivated me to staying in school. To improve myself but also my community bring about positivity into my community. Be able to show others from my side of the community that people from where I'm from are able to go to college. Be something successful. Be a successful person.