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Compound events

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What are the chances that you will win against your friend at the game Rock, Paper, Scissors if you play ten times in a row? This gets into a different kind of probability since we are examining possible outcomes of TWO independent events: your play and your friend's. In this group of tutorials, we will explore various facets of probability including compound probability, frequency stability, and probability without equally unlikely events. Common Core Standards: 7.SP.C.8, 7.SP.C.8a, 7.SP.C.8b

Compound probability of independent events

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
You'll become familiar with the concept of independent events, or that one event in no way affects what happens in the second event. Keep in mind, too, that the sum of the probabilities of all the possible events should equal 1.

Coin flipping probability

VIDEO 9:20 minutes
In this video, we 'll explore the probability of getting at least one heads in multiple flips of a fair coin.

Die rolling probability

VIDEO 5:15 minutes
We're thinking about the probability of rolling doubles on a pair of dice. Let's create a grid of all possible outcomes.

Free throwing probability

VIDEO 7:05 minutes
Our friend and Cleveland Cavalier, LeBron James, asks Sal how to determine the probability of making 10 free throws in a row. Hint: the answer is surprising!

Three pointer vs free throwing probability

VIDEO 5:47 minutes
Our friend and Cleveland Cavalier, LeBron James, asks Sal if there's a high probability of making three free throws in a row or one three-pointer. Before solving the problem, jot down what you think the answer will be!

Probability without equally likely events

VIDEO 8:58 minutes
Up until now, we've looked at probabilities surrounding only equally likely events. What about probabilities when we don't have equally likely events? Say, we have unfair coins?

Test taking probability and independent events

VIDEO 4:44 minutes
Have you ever taken a test and discovered you have no choice but to guess on a couple of problems? In this example problem, we are considering the probability of two independent events occurring.

Die rolling probability with independent events

VIDEO 2:28 minutes
We hope you're not a gambler, but if you had to bet on whether you can roll even numbers three times in a row, you might want to figure this probability first.

Independent probability


Compound events