Compound events and sample spaces

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Compound Sample Spaces

VIDEO 9:10 minutes
Explore the notion of a "sample space". See a sample space represented as a tree diagram, table, and list.

Sample spaces for compound events

Check if sample space diagrams match a compound event.

Die rolling probability

VIDEO 5:15 minutes
We're thinking about the probability of rolling doubles on a pair of dice. Let's create a grid of all possible outcomes.

Determining probability

VIDEO 4:19 minutes
In this example, determine the scenarios that are probable given the rolling of two dice.

Probability of rolling dice


Probability from compound sample space

VIDEO 5:03 minutes
Learn how to use sample space diagrams to find probabilities.

Probabilities of compound events

Use sample space diagrams to find probabilities.

Counting pot and flower scenarios

VIDEO 2:35 minutes
Find the number of ways you can put four types of flowers into three types of pots.

Count outcomes using tree diagram

VIDEO 4:31 minutes
We'll use a tree diagram to visualize and count all the possible outcomes. This helps us to determine the probability.

Fundamental counting principle

How many possible outcomes are there?