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Help us change the world

We're a diverse team of interns from all across the world, and all of us are dedicated to building technology to transform education.

Khan Academy is hiring interns year-round!

Meet our interns


Software Developer Intern [2014]

Jessie studies applied math and computer science at Stanford. She'd like to save the world - or at least help someone (anyone!) learn. She is working on the user experience team this summer, and also enjoys running, exploring, and wandering the great outdoors.


Software Developer Intern [2014]

Jonathan has just graduated from UC Berkeley majoring in Computer Science and Business Administration and is currently interning on the internationalzation team. This summer he has the privilege of being part of bringing education to many people around the world. He also devotes himself to his community at Gracepoint Fellowship Church. He likes music, photography and deep conversation about stuff that's real - like life. He dislikes talking about himself in third person.


Software Developer Intern [2014]

You are Ilan, a rising senior from Stanford University majoring in Physics and coterming in Computer Science. You enjoy hiking, rocking out on the piano and guitar, playing Ultimate and ping pong, and sleeping. You can sing any Disney song on command and your spirit animal is a grizzly bear. You are an avid Giants fan, you love Harry Potter, and you know more than anyone should about The Who.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Ben studies math with a side of physics and computer science at MIT. When he's not busy learning, teaching, or writing education-related software, he enjoys hiking, folding origami, and making smoothies.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Miles studies a computer science and stuff at MIT. When he isn't coding he likes to unicycle, fly drones, and code more. He hopes to one day be able to do all three at once. He is excited to help make the user experience of Khan Academy even more awesome!


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Charlie is a computer science major at Princeton University with a passion for both learning and teaching. His research interests focus on machine learning, and he's previously interned at Microsoft and Facebook. This summer, he'll be working as part of the Content Tools team to improve Khan Academy's exercise experience.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Jared wants to change the world, so he joined Khan Academy to intern for the summer. He enjoys singing, hiking, making things, and deep conversation. He is helping improve the experience for teachers and parents on Khan Academy.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Kevin studies computer science at the University of Illinois and enjoys using technology to improve life in creative ways. He is excited to make Khan Academy's user experience more awesome as part of the Content Tools team this summer.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Meet Peter. Peter is a level 14 Neuromancer at UC Berkeley. He somewhat enjoys reading, writing, running, ice cream, robots, kittens, artificial intelligence, natural stupidity, economics, Freakonomics, swimming, biking, Hunter S. Thompson, oranges, coding, philosophy, fancy sodas, and long lists. Peter works on Data, where he regularly refers to himself in the third person.


Product Design Intern [2014]

Elizabeth studies computer science at Cal with a focus in design. She loves high fashion, ampersands, and sushi. This summer, she's working on designing exercises for the iPad app!


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Kasra studies computer science at the University of Toronto. He is working on the Khan Academy iPad app this summer.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

John likes making software and infecting others with his love for Computer Science. He is very excited to harness the powers of the coffee bean in order to make Khan Academy's search tool amazing.


Data Science Intern [2014]

Colin is a biologist turned analyst who loves using data to tackle challenging problems, loves singing, and loves eating beets.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Justin works on the Content Tools team to help content creators write questions. He goes to the University of Waterloo and likes writing Vimscript (for some reason).


Computer Science Intern [2014]

Theo is a student from the University of Waterloo, where he studies Combinatorics and Computer Science. He's working to improve subtitles and internationalization by hacking in Python at Khan Academy. He also enjoys functional programming, vim, and Khan Academy's board game night.


Software Engineer Intern [2014]

Richard likes the winters in California more than the winters at the University of Waterloo, where he is a third-year student (though converting to Fahrenheit is difficult). He hopes to make Khan Academy even bigger while on the growth team.


Teaching Fellow [2013]

Tal is a lover of learning. How cliche. But seriously, one time, he underwent a surgical operation to have his feet webbed just to see if he could swim faster! But seriously, that's not true.

Tal taught high school math in Philadelphia before moving out west to beautiful California in order to obtain a Ph.D. in Civil Engineering. For the foreseeable future, he will divide his time evenly doing the following: research in a lab, playing outside, and helping teachers effectively implement Khan Academy in their classrooms.


Teaching Fellow [2013]

As a teaching fellow, Suney supports the Educational Partnerships team at Khan Academy. Suney shares her Khan Academy experiences with teachers and helps to support them as they start their Khan Academy journeys.

Suney has been a teacher for 15 years. She is currently at Eastside College Preparatory School where she has fully implemented Khan Academy into her math curriculum.


Analytics Intern [2013]

Ben wants to help bring education research online. He's a Chicagoan with a keen interest in learning, statistics, and sandwiches.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Tommy wishes to help increase the reach and impact of Khan Academy this fall. He is a native of Toronto who craves new experiences through learning, art, food, and adventure. He studies Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo and has previously interned at Twitter and VMware.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Leif loves learning! He also enjoys overcast weather, Chicken McNuggets, and fireworks. He's working on the Computer Science team.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Sophia will be working on the CS team. She studies Computer Science at Stanford University and interned previously at Google and Palantir. She cares about using programming to make the world better -- she also enjoys sports and playing guitar.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Brie's mission is to design and develop experiences that bring happiness to people's lives. Brie's work at Khan Academy fulfills this mission because it helps empower others to learn, among the greatest forms of happiness.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Sam will be working on the learning interface and will be a senior at Brown University in the Fall. In his free time he enjoys cooking, biking, and drinking good tea. He's excited to spend his first summer in San Francisco.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Julia loves building things - both virtual and physical - and going on adventures! In her spare time, she is most likely exploring the outdoors, playing soccer, or eating fruit.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

The pinnacle nerd, Damon enjoys coding and video games (League of Legends and, less frequently now, Super Smash Bros. Melee). In his other time, you might find him playing frisbee or screaming furiously at the LSU Tigers or New Orleans Saints through the TV. He is studying Computer Science at MIT and will be working on the Growth team.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

David Bieber enjoys mathematics, puzzles, and tennis, and he's a big fan of online education. He likes using programming to simplify life and figure things out, and he generally enjoys making things like games and puns. He spends his time thinking about thought, how fortunate he's been to have had such amazing teachers his whole life, and how to tell a good story.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Jake likes to build things and dream up ideas about the future. Besides his passion for programming, he enjoys music, board games, and running. He is working on the Interactive Content team to help content creators make exercises.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Sitan is excited to work with the Analytics team this summer to design models for better understanding how people learn. He's a second-year math and compsci concentrator at Harvard College and enjoys piano, singing, and food.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

When Annie isn't battling the forces of darkness with her D20s, she collects novelty socks. She is deeply passionate about puzzle solving and education and is eager to help make content management more user friendly this summer.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Matt loves making things. He just can't help it. He's spending the summer helping students identify what skills they should learn and better master those skills-vicariously, of course, through the system he's making.

He's a Computer Science major at Rice University and has a deep, abiding love for learning, discovery, and building tools that help real people solve real problems. In other words, he's right where he belongs.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Robert is working on data analysis and visualization to make drawing insights a pleasure. He has passion for highly efficient and beautiful programs. He definitely spends too much time practicing ballroom dancing.

Previously he interned at an investment bank which he helped move to a web-oriented architecture. He is currently a student at Imperial College London.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Aatash really believes in the idea that schooling shouldn't interfere with your education. It's why he is so excited to be helping Khan Academy reinvent learning.

Aatash is an Electrical Engineering/Computer Science major at UC Berkeley. He's an avid basketball fan, and is always down for a 1-on-1 challenge. LeBron?


Coach Reports Intern [2013]

Joshua helps teachers trick students into learning.

Joshua is studying Software Engineering at the University of Waterloo and has previously interned at a major Canadian fruit company, where he made the web faster.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Eliana wants to make a teaching system so adaptive it can love you. She's a sci-fi reading nomad who writes poetry in Python and climbs hella mountains. Right now, she's a PhD student at UT Austin studying machine learning.


Software Engineer Intern [2013]

Michael has a passion for good food and board games. He was previously an intern at Google and Facebook before being recruited by University of Waterloo Software Engineering classmate David.


Graphic Design Intern [2013]

Tabitha loves designing things so that they're accessible and fun to use. In her free time she loves learning about people, reading angsty literature, traveling, doodling, and eating cheesecake. She studies at RISD and Brown University and has previously interned at Apple and Konami.


Software Engineer Intern [2012, 2013]

Drew is committed to developing tools that will help students share their knowledge with one another. He's worked on the software behind the KA community, email subscriptions, and translations.

Drew is also an avid learner himself as a rising senior at Gunn High School. Prior to joining Khan Academy, he built mobile apps as an intern at Sony Ericsson. He's also a runner and a cellist.


Software Engineer Intern [2011, 2012]

Omar makes useful things that work. He started working on exercises way back in high school; he's been hooked on the vision ever since.

In his free time, depending on when you ask, he might be a student at Stanford, a Thiel Fellow, or something completely different. He likes puns, Pokémon games, history, and prime-numbered phones.


Software Engineer Intern [2011, 2012]

Ben does his best to be everywhere at once and tries to fix problems wherever they pop up.

When he's not working on things for Khan Academy, Ben studies at Carnegie Mellon, where he's double-majoring in computer science and math.


Software Engineer Intern [2011, 2012]

David is a human being currently living on Earth. He was born after the Big Bang and before the heat death of the universe.

David has also interned twice at Khan Academy and twice at Google.

David regrets that he was not also named "Ben".


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Jamie works with John to build the infrastructure for the computer science curriculum.

Jamie was previously an intern at Facebook before being recruited by University of Waterloo Software Engineering classmate and programming contest teammate David.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Josh is helping to collect more data on how people use Khan Academy so we can see how changes we make to the site affect what users do on it. He's also helping to use the data we collect to improve users' experiences while visiting the site.

Josh is a Computer Science major (class of 2015) at Carnegie Mellon University.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Ankit loves to create new things. At Khan Academy, he is working on building up the community.

He is currently doing a Masters in Computer Science at Virginia Tech, specializing in human computer interaction. Previously, he has participated twice in the Google Summer of Code program.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Emily is a Computer Science and Math major in the University of Rochester class of 2015. When not found hunched over her computer installing a Linux distro or learning an obscure programming language, she also enjoys bike rides, cooking, and playing video games.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Arun builds tools to make your exercise experience better. He is studying electrical engineering and computer science at MIT. He spent some time at Google, Intel and Procter & Gamble, as well as two social enterprises in India. He loves music and plays many different instruments.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Carved from the marbled cliffs of Elysium by the roaring surf below, Mark prefers his sandwiches open-faced. He works on exercises.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Leah is a computer science major at MIT in the class of 2013. She's working on improving coach reports at Khan Academy. She's had internships at Google and Rapleaf and enjoys softball, ice hockey, rock climbing, board games, and traveling.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Jessica eats tons of candy and teaches compooter science at Khan Academy!

She is a senior at Brown University, where her favorite things are baking pies and making silly skits about programming.


Graphic Design Intern [2012]

Mary is the design intern at Khan Academy, and currently attends the Rhode Island School of Design (conveniently shortened to RISD; pronounced "riz-dee"), located in Providence, Rhode Island (which is 3% larger at low tide). In her free time, she likes to design custom lettering, make books, and pump iron.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

Dylan is spending the summer on Khan Academy's App Engine team helping to make the site faster and more reliable for everyone.

He will graduate in 2013 with a B.S. in Computer Science from UCLA. Prior to Khan Academy he worked at the UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing.


Software Engineer Intern [2012]

When he's not hacking on cool stuff at Khan Academy, working on his thesis in Cognitive Science at UCSD, or helping to create thisCourse.com, Jamie loves to travel. He has slept overnight in a temple in Taiwan, in a monastery in Austria, in a cave on the Acropolis in Athens, on a staircase, on top of a volcano, on the roof of a train station, in a garbage bin, in a playground in Hiroshima, and in numerous closets.


Software Engineer Intern [2011]

Julian was a Fall 2011 intern who worked on exercises, Sandcastle, and Gandalf. He's had internships at Facebook and Arista Networks and really likes salsa dancing.


Software Engineer Intern [2011]

Jeff spent the summer helping build Khan Academy's exercise framework and working with its community of open-source developers. Jeff obsesses over Zelda and Digimon, is one of the few left-handed color-blind redheads, and studied Computer Science and Math at Wesleyan University. Khan Academy lent him his first Mac, and he now works at Apple.