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Founder & Executive Director

Being founder and faculty means Sal's busy setting the vision for Khan Academy and expanding our library of educational videos.

Before quitting his job as manager of a hedge fund to run Khan Academy full time, Sal also found time to get three degrees from MIT and an MBA from Harvard.


President & COO

As President and COO, Shantanu focuses on overall organizational strategy, partnerships, and operations.

Before teaming up with Sal (his college classmate and high school math competitor), Shantanu was an Associate Principal in McKinsey & Company's Silicon Valley office, and received four degrees from MIT.


Lead Developer

Ben started by volunteering for Khan Academy after watching one of Sal's talks and feeling left with no choice but to help.

Ben was previously VP of Engineering at Fog Creek Software, where he spent five and a half years learning how to push bits around with small, fast teams.


Lead Designer

As Lead Designer for Khan Academy, Jason's responsible for how things on the site look and how users interact with those things.

Prior to joining Khan Academy, Jason headed up the design team at Fog Creek Software (and worked with Ben).


Software Engineer

Marcia designs and builds any and every piece of Khan Academy software with a constant focus on the experience of our learners.

Marcia was a Program Manager for Microsoft before joining the team. She received her BS and MS in Computer Science from Stanford, with a specialization in human computer interaction.


Dean of Computer Science

John works to build tools and design curriculum to teach Computer Science and computer programming.

John is the creator of the jQuery JavaScript library, amongst a number of other Open Source projects, and the author of two books on JavaScript development.


Software Engineer

Desmond was always fascinated by the concept of teaching at scale, so once he discovered Khan Academy he couldn't resist getting involved.

Desmond used to work on ranking and metrics at Bing. He has degrees in Computer Science and Mechatronics Engineering from Swinburne University, Australia.


Lead of Content Scaling

Elizabeth focuses on developing the strategy, approach, and capabilities to build high quality content at scale. She works with brilliant and pun-loving teammates from all corners of Khan Academy, as well as several partner organizations.

Before Khan Academy, Elizabeth worked as a management consultant at McKinsey & Company and earned a B.A. at Penn.



Matt works with devs, designers, schools, and students to improve and extend our product.

Before Khan Academy, Matt cut his teeth at McKinsey and several start-ups in the Bay Area. He studied Management Science & Engineering and Computer Science at Stanford.


Education Partnerships

Maureen works with teachers and students to redefine what it means to be a successful learner.

Before joining Khan Academy, Maureen was a Teach For America teacher at a charter school on the border of Texas and Mexico. She is an alumna of Brown and Stanford's School of Education.



Marcos works on the design of interactive education experiences, the website and anything else.

Before Khan Academy, Marcos worked on social computing at CMU's HCI Institute & with Lisa Strausfeld at Pentagram. He has an SB from MIT and an MFA from RISD.


Software Engineer

James keeps improving site performance and creating new features for Khan Academy.

Previously James was a lead engineer at, ran a non-profit delivering an email system to the developing world, and was a math teacher in the Peace Corps in Tanzania. He received two degrees from CMU in Physics and Computer Science.


Software Engineer

Before joining Khan Academy, Tom studied Mathematics and Cognitive Science at UC Berkeley, then developed cutting-edge technology for video games and virtual worlds.


Head of Strategy and Programs

Minli focuses on Khan Academy's strategic initiatives.

Before Khan Academy, Minli worked in social policy at the Singapore Government, taught high-school math, and was an Engagement Manager at McKinsey & Company. She has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering and M.S. in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.


(Co)Dean for Art and History

Steven and Beth help to create Humanities-based content and learning strategies at Khan Academy.

Before joining the team, they created the open art history site, Steven was Dean of the School of Graduate Studies at the Fashion Institute of Technology (SUNY) and Chair of Art and Design History at Pratt Institute. He has also worked and taught at The Museum of Modern Art. He has a Ph.D. in art history.


(Co)Dean for Art and History

Beth has a PhD in art history, and with Steven Zucker, founded the Webby-award winning site,

Before joining Khan Academy, Beth worked as Director of Digital Learning at the Museum of Modern Art, as Director of Distance Learning at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT), and as an Assistant Professor of Art History. Together with Steven, Beth will be creating content in art, art history and history, and looking at the ways that learning analytics and game mechanics can work in Humanities education.


Software Engineer

Before joining Khan Academy, Ben worked at Google for several years where he contributed to a number of projects including Google Calendar and Android. He received a Bachelor of Software Engineering from the University of Waterloo.


Lead Exercise Developer

Ben leads exercise development at Khan Academy to make sure that the entire exercise curriculum is complete and up to date.

Before he joined Khan Academy, Ben worked on network hardware. He flies both flying sharks (pictured) and airplanes in his spare time.


Software Engineer

Chris wields his experience with highly reliable, multilingual websites to support lifelong learning through Khan Academy.

Before joining, Chris spent a few years building the Yahoo! homepage. He earned his Bachelor's degree in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology.



Brit has been making educational videos since he was 10 when he got hooked on Carl Sagan, Bill Nye & James Burke and his mom agreed to buy him two VCRs for editing purposes.

He's excited about combining video and interactive software to create novel learning experiences online. He holds degrees in Integrated Engineering and Computer Science from UWO and McGill (oh, Canada!)


Dean of Infrastructure

Craig is focused on the infrastructure that supports Khan Academy, from its databases to its developer tools.

Before joining, Craig worked for Google, where he was the first employee hired by Larry and Sergey.


Head of Finance

Michael takes care of all things financial at Khan Academy. He, along with the Director of Wellness, also makes sure the Team is well supported.

Prior to working with Khan Academy, Michael started Ops for Good, an organization that provides back office support to smaller nonprofits, and served as CFO at NewSchools Venture Fund.



Kitt uses a simple design process:

1) Travel to the future.
2) See what he did.
3) Come back and do it now.

He's done time at Pixar, Disney Animation, and as a Hollywood peon.


Software Engineer

Steph loves to learn about all kinds of things. At Khan Academy, she wants to help make learning more fun for millions of people.


Executive Assistant & Chief Happiness Officer (CHO)

Esther is the Executive Assistant and Chief Happiness Officer (CHO) at Khan Academy. As the Executive Assistant, Esther helps Sal and Shantanu do what they do best. As the Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), Esther seeks to spread joy to the entire Khan Academy team.

Esther received her B.A. in American Studies from Occidental College. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Esther was a classroom teacher and private tutor in Philadelphia, and an administrative coordinator at a community non-profit in Boston.


Program Lead –
Medical Partnerships

Rishi wants to use Khan Academy to connect people to quality information about health and medicine. He is currently a pediatric infectious disease physician, and previously spent two years as an EIS officer with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


Software Engineer

Matt loves to build things with code. In the past, he worked for Microsoft on the Backend team.

He enjoys reading, photography, and various outdoors activities.


Chemistry Fellow

Jay makes many of the Chemistry videos on Khan Academy, and he curates the Chemistry content on the site. He has an undergraduate degree in Biochemistry and a graduate degree in Medicine. Jay is also fascinated by art and creates portrait paintings on copper and steel. Drawing pictures of organic molecules allows him to combine his artistic and scientific interests.



James helps people and organizations work with Khan Academy.

James comes from McKinsey & Co by way of, a startup specializing in online community building. He spends his free time playing basketball, listening to podcasts and wishing he could repurpose the parts of his brain that are dedicated to B-grade movie quotes.


Operations Assistant

Kayla focuses on HR and works to recruit exceptional talent. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Kayla received her BS in Business Marketing from Brigham Young University.



As an advisor to Khan Academy, Paulette loves working with people who help students learn. Before joining Khan Academy, Paulette held senior executive positions and enjoyed building great products at a variety of high tech companies including Cisco, Juniper, and Dell. …

Before joining Khan Academy, Paulette held senior executive positions and enjoyed building great products at a variety of high tech companies including Cisco, Juniper, and Dell.


Software Engineer

Alex believes in interactive, immersive education. Every day he brings science fiction just a bit closer to reality.

Prior to Khan Academy, Alex worked on peer-to-peer car sharing with Getaround. He graduated from UCSD with degrees in Computer Science and Cognitive Science.


Mobile Software Engineer

Laura brings Khan Academy to mobile devices, so students can grab quick lessons wherever they go.

Before joining Khan Academy, she built iOS apps and websites with a mobile agency in Seattle. She gets excited about well-designed class interfaces and git, and spends her free time studying human languages.


Software Engineer

Dylan recently graduated from UCLA with a B.S. in Computer Science and is now super excited to write code that helps make Sal's vision a reality.

Before joining Khan Academy as a full-timer he was a Summer 2012 intern (it was fun) and a developer at the UCLA Center for Embedded Networked Sensing.


Born and raised in Minnesota, Justin studied physics at Gustavus Adolphus College and materials science at the University of Minnesota.

He used to look at tiny things with electron microscopes, but working with Khan Academy sounded even cooler!


Computer Science Content Engineer

Pamela was born to a duo of Computer Scientists who told her that she could learn programming without their help, thanks to the internet! Now that she's at Khan Academy, she works to improve the CS curriculum to make that true.

On the side, Pamela teaches web development workshops for GirlDevelopIt and writes programs to figure out her next hair color. Before Khan, she worked at Coursera and Google.


Data Scientist

Eliana wants to make a teaching system so adaptive it can love you. She's a sci-fi reading nomad who writes poetry in Python and climbs ALL THE MOUNTAINS.

Before Khan Academy, Eliana was a PhD student in Machine Learning at UT Austin. She dropped out of that to make real things and solve tangible problems after a totally rad internship at Khan Academy.



Tabitha loves designing things so that they're accessible and fun to use. In her free time she enjoys learning about people, traveling, doodling, and dancing terribly. She studied at RISD and Brown University and has previously interned at Apple and Amnesty International Thailand.


Interactive Content Developer

Aria wants to make learning more engaging by helping create more interactive learning content. She works on anything and everything exercise-related.

In her free time, she sometimes makes things like KA's lights puzzles brainteasers.


Education Partnerships

Naomi works in the Education Partnerships team at Khan Academy partnering with dauntless pioneers and innovators across the Higher Ed community who are changing the way we teach.

Before Khan Academy, Naomi worked as a Management Consultant at McKinsey & Company and in Production at Pixar. She's an alumna of UC Berkeley and MIT's schools of Mechanical Engineering, where she studied robotics.


Nursing Fellow

Kyle strongly believes having fun is an essential component in the learning process. At Khan Academy he focuses on bringing health care content to the masses in an easy to understand yet comprehensive way. He is currently a registered nurse for a pediatric intensive care unit in Canada, and is working on his Masters of Education in Distance Education.


Project Coordinator

Erin is ecstatic to be joining the content team as a project coordinator for content scaling.

Before Khan Academy, Erin was in the Navy as a Nuclear Engineering Officer and earned a B.S. at Northwestern University.


Data Scientist

Tony works on understanding how people learn and he’s really excited about turning new insights into better experiences for students.


Product Strategy & Marketing

Monica helps shape what we build and how we share that with the world.

Monica studied CS at Stanford and has spent 10 years working on mobile software, services and hardware at Microsoft, MobiTV and Apple where she launched several iPods and iPhones. Monica is yet another proud Canadian at Khan Academy and mother of two little Khan Academy user testers.

Tom P

Product Marketing

All Tom dreams about is getting more people on Khan Academy.

Tom is the youngest of seven in a patchwork family that has given him 16 sweet nieces and nephews and umpteen million laughs. Tom comes to us via the Pearson Affordable Learning Fund, LeapFrog Investments, McKinsey and a U.C. Berkeley MBA. His dream is to one day open a chain of innovative schools back in sunny Australia.


Education Partnerships

Murrayl helps teachers and out-of-school time coaches integrate Khan Academy in to their daily work.

Murrayl comes to Khan Academy from The Bridgespan Group where she consulted with a variety of nonprofits and philanthropies.


Software Engineer

Alan focuses on making the site run quickly and efficiently, and also works on tools to empower the rest of the dev team. He has always been excited about math, programming, and teaching, so he's happy to get the opportunity to use programming to help teach math (and other subjects) to the world. He has a degree in computer science and math from Carnegie Mellon, where he was a teaching assistant for four semesters.



As a member of the small but mighty communications team, Isaac helps spread the word about the latest and greatest happenings at Khan Academy.

Before joining the KA team, he worked in communications, professional development, and teacher support at Reasoning Mind, a nonprofit focused on math education. He is an alumnus of Yale University.


Mobile Software Engineer

Mike is very happily writing mobile code at Khan Academy, except when he's debugging it.

Before joining Khan Academy, Mike worked at Google, and then at a few startups. He also has a book that he needs to finish writing, and was embarrassingly late in adding himself to this page.


Office Manager

Karina keeps our office running and our team fueled so they can continue to do amazing things! Prior to Khan Academy she was operations manager for a startup in San Francisco where she honed her skills in office operations, event management, and building company culture. She graduated from San Jose State University with a BA in Sociology.


Software Engineer

Brian continuously thinks about code, even while running and sleeping. He started contributing to Khan Academy and realized how he wanted to spend his life.

Previously, Brian worked as a Senior Software Engineer for Mozilla. He also worked for several other software companies and spent nearly a decade co-founding his own. He is a graduate of the University of Waterloo, a past Microsoft MVP, and an open source enthusiast.


Content Partnerships

Mia works with a wide variety of organizations to create and launch new and exciting content on Khan Academy. Before joining the team, she completed the Coro Fellowship in Public Affairs and graduated with a degree in history from University of California, Berkeley.



Nathan helps our community work with Khan Academy. He hopes that in his lifetime every learner in the world will have access to affordable learning experiences that put them in a flow state - maximizing a challenge without becoming overwhelmed.

He started his career as a community organizer, discovered the internet and has been hacking away there ever since. Most recently, he worked as a Community Designer & Product Manager at IDEO.



Sydney develops and supports partnerships at Khan Academy.

Sydney has done time at McKinsey & Co, Goldman Sachs, Teach For America, the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, Hufflepuff House, and the Night's Watch. She spends her free time reading science fiction / fantasy novels, going on leisurely hikes, and thinking about Denny's.



Becca is thrilled to be joining the Khan Academy team as a product designer.

Previously, Becca worked as a communication designer in Austin, TX and graduated with a B.S. in Advertising from the University of Texas at Austin.


Product Lead

Annie works with the team to build a great product and experience for learners and teachers. She hopes to make more ways to help people learn to love learning.

Previously, Annie worked at multiple software and hardware startups, as well as Microsoft and MSR. She studied CS and design at MIT, where she made apps to help designers learn about programming and share the process behind their work. In her spare time she loves making things, especially if they involve art or food.


Data Scientist

Lauren just finished up her Ph.D. in Physics at Harvard and is super excited to be working on data science at Khan Academy. She loves physics, machine learning, camping on or near tall mountains, and cookies.


Leadership Fellow

Anna is a fellow on our Strategy & Programs team, where she's working on expanding access to quality SAT prep and improving future outcomes for high school students across the world. Prior to joining Khan Academy, Anna worked at McKinsey & Company, the State Department, and the Aga Khan Development Network, and drove education work in Bahrain, Tajikistan, and the good ol' US of A. Outside of the office, you can find Anna volunteering at the dog shelter, cooking Vietnamese, or brushing up on her Arabic (shukran!).


Data Scientist

Colin is a biologist turned data analyst who loves using data to tackle challenging problems, loves singing, and loves eating beets.


Software Engineer

Jamie is a uWaterloo Software Engineering grad working on making the site fast and fellow developers happy.

Jamie has pushed code to Khan Academy as an intern and full-time from coffeeshops and hostels scattered around Europe and North America, but has settled down in Canada for now.



Kate's role is to tell amazing stories about what we're up to at Khan Academy. In a previous life she worked at Google. And in a previous previous life she completed her PhD in English literature before realizing she liked talking to people. Kate is passionate about how technology can change people's lives and in her spare time she enjoys reading, making things, correcting rogue apostrophes and tending to an underperforming vegetable garden.


Software Person

David is a human being currently living on Earth.

While studying Software Engineering at uWaterloo, David interned twice at Khan Academy, twice at machine learning startup Sift Science, and twice at Google.

David regrets that he was not also named Ben.


Software Engineer

Michelle is an artist turned chemist turned developer who loves teaching, building things, and hanging out with turtles.

On the side, Michelle teaches web development to 8-14 year old girls in Toronto, and enjoys making construction paper minions at summer camp.


Lead Mobile Developer

Andy's working to bring Khan Academy and learning to life under every student's fingertips.

Previously, Andy helped build iOS at Apple and studied computer science at Caltech.


Lead Mobile Designer

May-Li is excited to help people learn using the power of thoughtfully designed interactions.

She’s dedicated to helping build a diverse and vibrant community of inventors who question everything and are prepared to redesign the world.

Previously, May-Li invented future user interfaces at Apple.


Math Content Fellow

Once upon a time, Cam was stranded on an island with Justin and a pirate puzzle master named Tomer. Tomer lined up 100 treasure chests in a cave, labeled 100 coconuts from 1 to 100, and placed one coconut in each chest. Tomer then led Justin into the cave and allowed him to look inside the chests and even swap the contents of two of them. (What a nice guy!) Afterwards, he hit Justin over the head with a wooden plank to knock him out. (Not a nice guy!) Tomer then led Cam into the cave, gave him a random number, and said, “You may open 50 chests. If you find your number, I'll help you off the island.” Thankfully, Cam and Justin knew about Tomer's crazy riddle ahead of time, which allowed them to devise a surefire strategy. That is, they knew for sure that Cam would be able to find his number. What was their strategy? (Cam now works for KA as a math question writer, as do Justin and Tomer.)


Product Manager

Ayman switches between wearing her engineering, data science and product management hats to ensure the best educational experience for our learners.

Previously, Ayman spent time at Dropbox, Microsoft and a bunch of start-ups. She graduated from Systems Design Engineering at the University of Waterloo. On the side, she keeps it real by rapping at open mics or training hard (and teaching fitness classes) at the gym.


Software Engineer

Jordan is a recent Stevens Institute of Technology grad who can't stop open-sourcing his code.

Previously, Jordan interned at Medium and Evidon, working with the Ghostery team.

His dream is to ship code from space.



At any given point, Natalie is absolutely 100% down to talk about the latest public radio show or podcast you heard. A fan of pun-making, language-learning, and Caltrain people-watching, she unabashedly still wears her retainers and cuddles with her pillow.

Natalie graduated from the University of Chicago and worked in Turkey as a Fulbright Scholar. She now helps make Khan Academy available and accessible to people all over the world.


Math Pioneer Fellow

As a Math Pioneer Fellow, Nidhi helps implement Khan Academy's resources in 7th/8th grade math classrooms at Crittenden Middle School. She recently graduated from UT Austin where she majored in both Math and Film. In her free time, Nidhi enjoys animating, reading, and adventuring.


Donor Relations Associate

Erin works on raising support for Khan Academy's platform, to keep the service free for everyone.

Prior to Khan Academy, Erin held similar fundraising positions at other nonprofit organizations and earned her master's degree in snowy Vermont. In addition to studying in very cold places, she enjoys reading, eating Nepali food, and watching anything sloth or capybara related.


Computer Science / Mobile Software Engineer

Jason is a Canadian nerd living in Brooklyn.

He wants to create a more enlightened society empowered by computers, and spends his time dreaming and building the software needed to accomplish this.


Content Fellow

At Khan Academy, Mark works primarily on the SAT project focusing on creating and revising content for the Reading and Writing & Language sections.

Before Khan Academy, Mark worked as a Health Systems Coordinator for Partners In Health in Malawi and as an Associate Producer for National Geographic Television.


Software Engineer

Nacho is working to bring Khan Academy to all your mobile devices.

Previously, Nacho was building fun educational apps at MindSnacks and Elevate Labs.


Software Engineer

John likes to build things that help people learn.

In past lives he taught intro CS, became an attorney-in-training, and helped build tons of ridiculous software (anything not ridiculous was built by accident).


Finance Assistant

Nick regularly sits down with the Head of Finance to make sure that the financial numbers stay classy.

Previously, he spent time at and Starting Arts. He received a B.A. in visual arts & political science from UC San Diego and is currently working on an MBA through UC Davis.


Administrative Assistant

Karie comes to KA with a background in online higher-education, ops management, and non-profit youth ministry. She's passionate about making big changes in the world and fell in love with the KA mission and vision the first day she heard about it on the radio several years back. Karie currently supports the needs of Minli, Monica, James T, and Elizabeth -- and keeps her Professor Snape replica wand close at hand to work a little magic on these busy calendars!

A graduate of San Jose State University with a BA in Dance, you can often times find Karie taking jazz or ballet classes to help keep her sane -- or daydreaming about traveling to London.


International Market Development

Yin works on international market development at Khan. She lives for radical ideas that change the world through technology, goodwill and education at colossal scale.

Prior to Khan Academy, Yin spent time at Coursera, Google and Microsoft. She loves high elevation (which means skiing, mountain biking, hiking) and high notes (which means singing).


Software Engineer

Kevin is passionate about math, computing science, and education in general. He likes building new things and wants to help transform education.


Director of Wellness

Toby works closely with everyone at Khan Academy to make sure they get daily doses of companionship and stress-relief. He makes this happen by standing close to people and quietly requesting body hugs and face smushing.

In his previous life, Toby roughed animal shelters and even a gunshot before earning a doctoral degree in human-animal connection and finding his home with Maureen. He enjoys being surrounded by very soft things.

Khan Academy has also received the time, energy, and expertise of many volunteers and part-time contributors.