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Multiplying and dividing negative numbers

5 videos
2 skills
You already know how to multiply and divide positive integers, decimals, and fractions. See what happens when we throw negative numbers into the mix. (It's really not so different!)

Multiplying positive and negative numbers

VIDEO 5:34 minutes
Here we explain some rules of thumb regarding the multiplication of positive and negative numbers.

Dividing positive and negative numbers

VIDEO 4:52 minutes
In this video we take you through the basics of dividing with negative numbers. You'll need to draw from your multiplication skills, too.

Multiplying and dividing negative numbers

Multiply or divide positive and negative integers. No remainder.

Why a negative times a negative makes intuitive sense

VIDEO 6:14 minutes
We use the repeated addition model of multiplication to give an intuitive understanding of multiplying negative numbers.

Why a negative times a negative is a positive

VIDEO 5:47 minutes
Why are the products of negative numbers defined in the way they are? We'll use the distributive property to help you with your understanding.

Multiplying numbers with different signs

VIDEO 2:26 minutes
Help us find the product of numbers with different signs.

Multiplying and dividing negative numbers: word problems

Match situations to multiplication and division expressions and equations.