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Positive and negative exponents

7 videos
2 skills
It's normally a bad idea to hang around with negative people or do negative things, but we think it's OK to associate with negative exponents. Common Core Standards: 8.EE.A.1

Introduction to exponents

VIDEO 3:03 minutes
Taking an exponent is basically the act of repeated multiplication. You know how to multiply, right? If so, understanding exponents is completely within your grasp!

Raising a number to the 0 and 1st power

VIDEO 5:07 minutes
The progression of powers from zero to any non-zero number follows a pattern and can be logically explained. After watching this, it will make sense why any non-zero number to the zero power equals one.

Powers of 1 and 0

VIDEO 6:08 minutes
Let's see what happens with bases to the zero power, plus we'll reinforce the patterns of applying exponents to postive and negative bases.

Powers of fractions

VIDEO 1:47 minutes
Just like whole numbers with exponents, fractions are repeatedly multiplied. If you know how to multiply factions, you're over half way there.

Powers of zero

VIDEO 4:15 minutes
We know that any non-zero number to the zero power equals one. We also know that zero to any non-zero exponent equals one. What happens when you have zero to the zero power?

Positive and zero exponents with positive and negative bases

Integers raised to positive integers. Non-zero integers raised to the zero power. 0, -1, and 1 raised to very large positive integers.

Negative exponents

VIDEO 7:14 minutes

Negative exponent intuition

VIDEO 4:38 minutes
Intuition on why a^-b = 1/(a^b) (and why a^0 =1)

Positive and negative exponents

Fractional and integer bases raised to positive and negative integer exponents.