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The whole point of this video is really just to look at, what in my mind is one of the coolest pictures ever taken by anything, and this was actually taken by the Hubble telescope and what they did is, they pointed the telescope at this area of our night sky and obviously the Hubble telescope, it's out in orbit, so it doesn't have to worry about all the interference from our actual atmosphere, so it gets a nice good look at things, but it's right over here, relative to the moon, and obviously the moon is moving around, but on that day, it was here, relative to the moon and they picked this location. They picked this location right over here because there weren't that many nearby stars there so it really allowed the telescope, because if there were nearby stars that light would've kind of outshone things that are behind it further away maybe perhaps galaxies. So just keep in mind everything you're going to see is in this little patch of the night sky, and I think the main point for showing the moon here. Obviously the moon is moving around so I'm not going to tell you which exact patch of sky this is. But to really give you an idea of how small of a patch of sky that really is. You really could've done this with any patch of sky, but in other patches of sky there wouldve been nearby stars that would've blocked things, but the galaxies are there, beyond that. The clusters of galaxies, and the super clusters of galaxies. So with that said out of the way, just remember everything we're talking about in this video is in this little patch of sky right over here. The whole point of this, once again like all of these videos is really to kind of just blow your mind. So this right here is what the Hubble telescope saw in that patch. Everything, everything that I'm showing you right here. I just want to be clear, some of these things are nearby stars, but most of these things are galaxies. That's a galaxy. That is a galaxy. That is a galaxy. That's a galaxy, and that's a galaxy. The reason I want to draw you this, obviously in the last video I showed you our local group, I showed you the Virgo super cluster, I showed you the kind of clusters of clusters and I even showed you the depiction of the observable universe. But what is amazing about this, is this is an actual picture. This is actually an image of a galaxy. Hey there is another galaxy. Oh look there's another galaxy up here. That you can keep doing that forever and this is just in that little patch of sky, and this is obviously not all of the galaxies of the universe. These are just the ones that we could see. There ones that might be even further, or there definitely are ones that are further back and their light is just even more. We could probably even focus on a patch of sky like that and see that many galaxies again. You can kind of keep, keep zooming in, but I just this thing, and I encourage you I mean there's so many unbelievable images you can look up. They're all on NASA's website, a lot of these are on Wikipedia. But these images are just unbelievable. You can see a galaxy, another galaxy, another galaxy, another galaxy. I suspect some of this stuff might actually be clusters of galaxies. Galaxy, another galaxy. And remember I'm just circling these galaxies, just left and right, and you kind of lose sight of what each galaxy actually is. These galaxies have hundred of billions of stars. That even from you know one pixel on these galaxies is unimaginable distance. Something that we could never, based with current technology, or even current science, we could ever hope to traverse in the lifetime of humanity. Not, much left in a lifetime of one individual. So these are just enormous things, and they're just an infinite number of them. So I just wanted to highlight this with you, and really just look at it. Its kind of breathtaking. Another galaxy right over there. I'm not going to keep doing it the whole day. I feel kind of bad for drawing on it, it kind of ruins the picture. But look at that, that's a nice looking galaxy right there. You got a bunch right over here. It really is just, you know. This video its probably the least dense with actual instruction, but hopefully the most dense with inspiration. Anyway, hopefully you enjoyed that. Let me just finish looking at the entire picture. I mean it just keeps going ,and going we can keep looking at it.