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Deviation from ideal gas law

You might need: Periodic table


The following graph shows the relationship between temperature and pressure for 1.0 mol samples of CA2HA6(g) and NA2(g) confined in separate 1.0 L containers. Ideal behavior under these conditions is indicated by a dashed line.
A graph with pressure, P (a t m) on the y-axis and temperature T, (K) on the x-axis. A dashed line begins at (275, 23) and extends to (525, 43). A line representing C 2 H 6 begins at (275, 22) and extends to (525, 44). A line representing N 2 begins at (275, 16) and extends to (525, 41).
Which of the following best explains why the CA2HA6(g) sample deviates more from ideal behavior at 300 K than the NA2(g) sample does?
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