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Shai Kremer in an Israeli military training stage

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my name is shy Kramer I'm an Israeli photographer born in Israel in the last seven years and in New York most of the time and my main body of walk until now it's infected landscape I've been dealing for seven years in the militarization of the Israeli landscape using the Israeli landscape as a platform in order to raise the discussion the militarization of the society what we see here it's an image that I made this city is a ghost and not a real city it's open war for a training center and the Israeli army and the American army used in order to practice how to fight and shoot inside a woman in place the city is design in a way that this blocks are a six by six meters blocks that can be removed there is also a control about lighting that can be you can make half of the city dark like without electricity to try to get as close as they experience as a real war that's the they call it a stage in their terms and the soldier had to experience the as close as it can be real I've been documenting in the past a more sites that serve the same purpose since I was a soldier myself and I get wounded in one of them one day I just discovered it so I took my car and when there during Saturday's what the army is not practicing just to see if it's exists or not because I didn't believe that scale can be happened and then I discover it I went inside and start to shoot I noticed that every hour there is a patrol so i just did sneak inside one of the many buildings are at least 600 of them so it's very easy to hide and then I continued with them hour passed by so i have to hide again and become very and rental in motivated the game that I continue to do the next Saturday in the next but there is a one building which is a huge that I'm on the top of the roof of this building shooting this panorama so thats gave me this great angle way which you can see the beauty of photography book when you can see the whole the whole city and you can see also the tiny Beatles and the soldiers and the small narrative within the city I choose to have a strategy of creating a seductive image in order to call the viewer come come come see me come see me then punch his face I do it because I think that beauty has a great impact it's a great tool like terror is a great tool very effective do that once I great but beauty is also very powerful tool and I think for the long long term in long run its affect people more than a sum let's call violent photography violent images