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you we were the first transport to arrive at Hutchinson camp pattern square was a lovely green square with with two rows of houses so there's actually three rows of houses they just put barbed wire around nothing had been prepared coach traitors I remember mostly because of his he was a marvelous become too he told my other stories I remember when you know sometimes we were we went for walks in on in Douglas and he was always picking out things to put on his collage you know cigarette boxes or whatever he could find anything he was very happy they did I mean he was well-fed he didn't have to worry about getting his next meal or anything and he earned quite a bit of money of of doing sketches and portrays but a sketchy did of me I remembered I was just walking along a straight there and he's at all hallows and he had a sketch book in his hand he did this in about five minutes or something he showed it to me and he asked me to sign it so you see the cig my signature on it and it I wasn't Freddie God sure then unfortunately my I was named after my grandfather and Gus what do you think would be the worst name to have as a Jewish boy in a German school under Hitler it's just arif so I was at of it singing this is the very important one reshma that lady was a refugee from Germany and she was our nanny and she was the link between Kurt Schwitters and us she introduced him to us because she knew him from Germany from before the war and she introduced him to our parents and subsequently he painted portraits of us the reason the return of me was because I was fidgety Phil I couldn't sit still and i think my parents rejected the first one he did with me and asked him to do another he didn't think it looked like me and as it turned out it looked like me as an older person and he wanted a true likeness of me so kurt schwitters did another one which was the sweet little girl smoke dress or whatever it was on the artist saw me the other way and not wrongly I vaguely have a recollection of not sitting still and always being told off because I didn't sit still and my recollection is with my hand to get it right every time he started again and that was great performance oh it's an important lamented for me it's lovely looking at it yes I can see myself know what I mean and in my hair's changed and I've aged a lot looking at the two pictures of me I can see that I was a mercurial type who wouldn't look the same two days running but looking back at photographs of us at that age we did look like that I