The inverse trigonometric functions

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Learn about the inverse functions of sine, cosine, and tangent, and how they are defined even though the functions are not really invertible. These functions will be very helpful when you will solve trigonometric equations.

Intro to arcsine

VIDEO 10:36 minutes
Sal introduces arcsine, which is the inverse function of sine, and discusses its principal range.

Intro to arctangent

VIDEO 10:06 minutes
Sal introduces arctangent, which is the inverse function of tangent, and discusses its principal range.

Intro to arccosine

VIDEO 13:38 minutes
Sal introduces arccosine, which is the inverse function of cosine, and discusses its principal range.

Evaluate inverse trig functions

Given a sine, cosine, or tangent value, find the principle angle who has this value. In other words, find the arcsine, arccosine, or arctangent of that value.

Restricting domains of functions to make them invertible

VIDEO 6:00 minutes
Sal is given the graph of a trigonometric function, and he discusses ways in which he can change the function to make it invertible.

Domain & range of inverse tangent function

VIDEO 9:44 minutes
Sal find the formula for the inverse function of g(x)=tan(x-3π/2)+6, and then determines the domain of that inverse function.

Using inverse trig functions with a calculator

VIDEO 3:35 minutes
Sal discusses the appropriate way to use the calculator in order to find an angle when its tangent value is given.