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Identifying unit fractions word problem

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this question says fear is dinner-plate is divided into three equal sized sections fira puts all her broccoli in one section and then we're asked what fraction of Vera's plate has broccoli okay so we have a plate with three equal sized sections and we know that Veera puts broccoli in one section and we're asked to figure out what fraction of the plate that is so we can draw viewers plate try to represent this with a picture maybe Vera's plate is a rectangle we don't really know what a rectangle will work as long as it has three equal sized sections so let's try to draw that this may not be perfect when you probably that second one a little better but this should represent three equal sized sections on a plate and then we know she puts broccoli in one of those sections so let's use green draw some broccoli broccoli broccoli broccoli and then look at this picture and ask ourselves what fraction of Vera's plate has broccoli well our fraction is going to have a numerator on top will be how many sections have broccoli which is one and then our denominator will be out of the total number of equal sections and we know there are three equal sized sections so one-third or one of the three sections has broccoli