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Cutting shapes into equal parts

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is each piece equal to one-fourth of the area of the pie so we have a pie and it has 1 2 3 4 pieces so it does have four pieces so is one of those pieces equal to 1/4 of the pie well let's talk about what we mean when we have a fraction like 1/4 the one in the fraction the numerator represents the number of pieces so here one piece one piece of pie and then the 4 when we're talking about fractions is always talking about the number of equal size equal sized pieces so in this case for equal sized pieces so the question is is each piece one of four equal sized pieces let's look at the pie I think it's pretty clear that these pieces on the end are not equal they are smaller than the two pieces in the middle if you love cherry pie you are not happy about getting this end piece because it is smaller it is not an equal sized piece so yes each piece is 1 out of 4 pieces but it is not one of 4 equal sized pieces therefore it is not 1/4 so our answer is no no no no each piece is not 1/4 or an equal share of the pie