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Visually dividing a whole number by a decimal


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in this video we're going to see if we can compute what 3 divided by 0.75 is equal to and I'll give you a little bit of a hint before I tell you to pause the video so let's imagine 3 wholes right over here and what if we were to think of these three wholes these three ones and what if we were to think about them in terms of hundredths well then we could once we express these as hundredths we could say well how many groups of 75 hundredths can we divide this into how many equal groups of 75 hundredths and to help you think about that here's a little bit of a visualization where 3 is divided into equal groups of 75 hundredths so pause this video and use what I have this little visual here as a big hint to figure out what 3 divided by 75 hundredths is alright now let's do it together so as I said we started with three ones or three wholes however you want to think about it and you could divide division by 75 hundredths as saying well how many equal groups of 75 hundredths can you divide these three holes into and so we thought about these three wholes in terms of hundredths and the way it's been color-coded it actually has already been divided into four equal groups of seventy-five hundredths you can count these so this is 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 and then five hundredths so this right over here this is one group of seventy-five hundredths and then in green you have another group of seventy-five hundredths so you have 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 and then 75 so that right over let me just a color I can see this right over here is our second group this is our first group right over there and then that's our third group these are all equal of 75 hundreds and that's some our fourth equal group of 75 hundreds in the green again so how many equal groups of 75 hundreds can you divide three holes into well clearly it is equal to four