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Zhang Tao has to $1 bills so - $1 bills so let's just write that as 1 plus 1 because each $1 bill represents $1 so $1 plus $1 that's the - $1 bills 1 $5 bill 1 $5 bill so that represents five dollars and three $10 bills 3 $10 bills so that's plus 10 plus 10 plus 10 how much money does he have in all well let's see 1 + let's FIFA calculated 1 + 1 is 2 2 plus 5 is 7 so these are going to be $7 and then 10 plus 10 plus 10 that's 3 tens so that's going to be $30 now what's 7 ones plus 3 tens or what's seven plus 30 well that's going to be 37 dollars so Zhang Tao has 37 dollars in all let's do another one of these diya has 6 $1 bills and actually let's draw it out dia has 6 $1 bills so that's 1 2 3 4 5 & 6 and these are $1 bills so they so $1 bills this is my my rough drawing of $1 bills to draw a lot of $1 bills here so she has 6 $1 bills she has 3 $5 bills we do that in a different color so 3 $5 bills so 1 so that's a $5 bill - that's a $5 bill and 3 $5 bills that little circle and that's supposed to be the picture of someone let me make it clear that that's that's a these are pictures of folks of famous historical figures so these are pictures of famous historical figures here and then finally she has won $10 bill 1 $10 bill so 110 dollar bills so it's worth $10 and picture of famous historical figure right over there so how much money does she have in all well the six one dollar bills that's going to be six dollars the three five dollar bills that's going to be worth five ten fifteen dollars so plus fifteen dollars and then the one ten dollar bill that's going to be worth ten dollars ten dollars so what's six plus 15 plus ten well let's see six plus fifteen is going to be 21 21 plus 10 is going to be equal to 31 dollars this is equal to 31 dollars and you could have also added it this way you could have said 15 plus 10 plus 10 plus 6 plus 6 add them together and we would have gotten five plus zero plus six is eleven that's one one and one ten and then you have three tens here so 31 dollars