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Start tutoring with Khan Academy

Many students use Khan Academy at home to reinforce what they’re learning in school, for homework help, or simply as a fun educational activity.
  • If you’d like to help a child use Khan Academy outside the classroom, we recommend following the steps below.

Create an account for yourself

You can find instructions here.

Connect with your child

Connect with your child by creating their account or connecting with their existing account.
  • If the child already has a Khan Academy account, they can simply add you as a teacher by going to khanacademy.org/coaches.
  • If the child is 13 or older, they can go to khanacademy.org to create their own account and then add you as a teacher at khanacademy.org/coaches.
  • If the child is under 13 and you're their parent, you can create an account for them by following these instructions.
  • If the child is under 13 and you're not their parent, you can create an account for them by following these instructions.

Try out what your child will be learning

If your child has significant gaps in their math knowledge, you may want them to work on Early Math, Arithmetic, or Pre-algebra. Or you could try one of Khan Academy's Get ready for grade level courses that help students strengthen fundamental skills. Starting with the basics not only helps learners build firm foundations but also can increase their confidence in math.
If your child is using Khan Academy just for fun, feel free to let them explore and learn whichever topics interest them most!
Additional resources:

Check out our tips for using Khan Academy with your child

In our resources for parents and mentors, we've compiled stories and best practices from a wide variety of Khan Academy users. We hope these articles and videos give you ideas that you can adapt for your own child and situation! Encouraging your child is a great place to start.

Learn something for yourself

One of the best ways to support your child's learning on Khan Academy is to set an example. Perhaps you want to brush up on your own math skills, or maybe you want to compete with your child to see who can earn the most points or master the most skills. Pick a topic that interests you, and show your child that learning is a lifelong process!

Have your child log in

It's important for your child to log in to their account - not yours - every time they work on Khan Academy. That way, your child can earn mastery points and badges! More importantly, you and your child will both be able to track their progress.
Once you've logged out and helped your child log in, let them start their course. We suggest framing Khan Academy as a fun activity or reward instead of studying or a chore!

Have your child sign up for free tutoring at Schoolhouse.world

If your child is at least 13 years old, they are eligible to receive free, virtual support from peer tutors at Schoolhouse.world, a non-profit organization also founded by Sal Khan of Khan Academy. After creating their account, your child can receive free tutoring through 1:1 homework help and small-group sessions in math, science, test preparation, and more—hosted by fellow students! If they plan to take the SAT soon, they can participate in Schoolhouse's established SAT Bootcamp Program. As your child learns and builds their confidence, they can even earn community service hours by volunteering as peer tutors themselves.

Continue exploring!

Check out our parent stories for even more ideas about how to tutor with Khan Academy. Most importantly, feel free to experiment to find out what works for you!

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