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Creating assignments on Khan Academy

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By using Khan Academy’s assignments, you can find content aligned to the lesson you’re teaching, help students fill gaps in their learning, facilitate the acquisition of new grade-level skills, and empower students to move on to more challenging concepts.

Why use assignments?

  • Rigorous content — our content is designed to keep students as close to their learning edge as possible with a balance of procedural, application, and conceptual question types.
  • Instant feedback— your students get instant feedback on every answer and you can keep track of their progress every step of the way using the assignment reports.
  • Differentiate content — you can select videos, articles, single-skill practice, and mixed-skills practice to assign for an entire class or specific students based on their readiness level.
  • Access anywhere — your students can access their assignments on their smartphones, computer, or tablet and our content is available in over 50 languages.

Option 1: Use the Assign tab to create an assignment

From the Teacher dashboard, select the class for which you want to create an assignment. From the class dashboard, go to the Assign tab and select the content you want the student(s) to work on using the checkboxes. Assignments can be made for specific students, for an entire class, or for multiple class periods all at once.
Use the Assign tab to create an assignment
Note: This method is recommended for teachers creating assignments aligned to a curriculum or course.

Option 2: Use the search bar to create an assignment

Type the skill or standard you would like to assign into the search bar at the top of any Khan Academy page and click the content item you want to assign. As long as you are logged into a Khan Academy account set up as a teacher, you will see a toolbar in the top-right corner that says assign.
Note: This method is recommended for teachers creating assignments for a specific skill or concept. It can be especially useful when adding content from other courses.

Use the Manage tab to edit assignments

From the Manage tab, you can edit assignments by selecting the Actions dropdown menu. Or, you can delete the assignment by selecting the checkbox to the right of the assignment and then selecting the red Delete button near the top of the page.
Note: The assignment deletion action is a permanent one and deleted data cannot be recovered.

Key things to know about assignments

  • Students will see assignments listed in order by due date. If you would like to sequence assignments in a specific order, assign them with slightly different due dates.
  • You can create assignments and save them for later or schedule assignments to go live for your classes on a specific date in the future.
  • When new students join your class, they will automatically receive all assignments that are assigned but not yet due to the whole class.
  • Students can engage in assignments in other languages (including, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Turkish, and more) by changing the default language in their settings.
  • Most teachers recommend assigning three to five assignments per week, posted on the same day each week and due on the same date to provide a consistent learning experience.

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