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Our Content is part of Khan for Educators, a free course for teachers to learn more about Khan Academy, the content and tools available for teachers and students, and best practices for implementing technology with students. Created by Meaghan Pattani.

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- [Instructor] This video will review the available content on Khan Academy and discuss how our courses are designed to help students master the content they're learning. When learners interact with Khan Academy, they will experience videos, articles, practice questions and instant feedback to help them improve. When we think about the resources Khan Academy contains, think of them split into two categories. The videos and articles are instructional content and the practice questions are practice content. Together, our goal is to provide learners a growth mindset experience and authentically learn until they have mastered the content. A key part of that practice is they'll get instant feedback about how they're doing alongside worked solutions to help them get back on track if they're not quite clear on a particular concept. We know many educators are familiar with Khan Academy's great math content, but many are unaware Khan Academy has a lot more to offer. Take a moment to explore the dozens of courses available to you, including courses in the sciences, finance and economics, art and humanities. Additionally, we have test prep content including our digital SAT course created in partnership with the College Board. Another example that we're excited about here at Khan Academy is we're excited to introduce our financial literacy course. The financial literacy course helps students and their families understand money better, making it easier to reach goals and avoid financial problems. To check out and browse all the courses that we have available, simply click on the Courses button in the upper left hand corner of your Khan Academy account. As teachers, we know you have many options when it comes to using tools in your classroom. So you might be asking yourself, what makes Khan Academy's content so unique? Well, Khan Academy's content is not only interactive, but our content is standards based, ensuring that it aligns with educational requirements and allows teachers to seamlessly integrate it into their curriculum. We've minimized the amount of work teachers need to do by offering a wide range of resources, exercises and videos that can be easily incorporated into your lesson plans and daily instruction. This means you as the teacher can spend more time focusing on your students' needs and guiding them towards success. Our content is student friendly and encourages growth mindset by letting students know that they can learn anything. We want students to feel like they are receiving personalized support. We hope this video provides a look into the content available on Khan Academy, but we know the best way to learn is to actually experience it. Choose a topic that inspires you and explore it. (upbeat music)