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Basic site navigation is part of Khan for Educators, a free course for teachers to learn more about Khan Academy, the content and tools available for teachers and students, and best practices for implementing technology with students. Created by Meaghan Pattani.

Video transcript

- Hi, I'm Megan from Khan Academy, and in this video, we'll browse through Khan Academy together. We'll start by logging into the platform, and then go through some of the key navigation features together. To get started, go to khanacademy.org and click teachers in the center of the screen. If you have an existing Khan Academy account, select login. If you need to create a Khan Academy account, there are four registration options. Using Gmail, Clever, Facebook or another email account. Now you're ready to get started. Once you've set up your account, you'll start on the teacher dashboard. We are now viewing the teacher dashboard, which is the homepage for teachers. If you are seeing a different homepage than the teacher dashboard, you can adjust your homepage to the teacher dashboard in settings. Don't worry, we'll get to that soon. There are a few important items on this page. The courses button, which shows Khan Academy's content organized by subject and course. The search bar, which you can use to find content quickly by name or standard. The Khan Academy logo, it will always take you to your chosen homepage, and the navigation button, which allows you to access several other pages. The navigation button, which appears as your username, can take you to a few essential locations, including the learner homepage, teacher dashboard, parent dashboard and settings. If you want to edit your basic information, you can do this from the settings page from the dropdown of the navigation button. From the settings page, you can edit basic account information like username and primary language. Reset your password, know which email account is linked to Khan Academy, select your homepage, and much more. It is important to check if the teacher function is selected because only then will you have access to the teacher dashboard. We're selecting the teacher dashboard from the dropdown menu. If you'd like to learn more about the learner homepage, check out our video on the student experience. From the teacher dashboard, you will find three very important tabs. The class tab shows all of your active classes. If you select a class, you'll be able to view the roster, student activity, mastery progress, and assignments for that class. We will discuss reports in more detail in a later lesson. If we return to the main teacher dashboard by selecting the Khan Academy logo at the top of the page, the second tab you will see is the students tab on which you can view the complete list of students who are connected to your teacher account. This list contains all of the students currently associated with your teacher account, regardless of their assigned class. Finally, from the main teacher dashboard, you can access the resources tab, which brings you to teacher facing materials on Khan Academy and also has a shortcut to Khan for Educators. We recognize that along with your students, many teachers want to connect their own children to their Khan Academy account. From the navigation button, you can access the parent dashboard where parents can add their children and create accounts for them, in addition to monitoring the progress they are achieving with courses on the platform. One last and important thing to point out, where to find additional help if you need it. By clicking help from the navigation button dropdown menu, you have access to a page full or resources about Khan Academy. Community advice, and you can even file a request for help from our support team to resolve any technical issues that arise. We hope this video helps you find your way around Khan Academy.