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Conservation: The Nasrid plasterwork collection at the V&A

By the Victoria & Albert Museum. Victor Borges, Senior Sculpture Conservator at the V&A, discusses the V&A collection and the new discoveries which have uncover new information on their materials, techniques, history and provenance. Find out more: https://www.vam.ac.uk/info/conservation. Created by Smarthistory.

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    how hard would it be to get a job as an art curator? do they pay well? what does it require education wise?
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      Let's imagine that you are in high school, and you want to aim at becoming a curator at an art museum.
      First: finish high school.
      Second: Enroll at a liberal arts college or university and study art history. As your minor, study something like business management or non-profit management. When you have opportunities, do internship work at museums and other "arts related" institutions.
      Third: Enroll in a graduate school program in something like museum management and complete the degree.
      Fourth: Enroll in another graduate school and take a Master of Fine Arts degree, concentrating on the area of art that most interests you.
      Fifth: At this stage, and all-along, pay attention to networking. Write good letters to people who can recommend you when the time comes to apply for curator openings. Write and publish articles in magazines and academic journals about the things you are learning along the line.
      Sixth: READ, especially about the lives and careers of curators. One of the best ones I've ever read is entitled, A Room Full of Hovings by John McPhee.

      I wish you the best as you make a goal and work toward it.
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