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Reviving traditional Korean celadons

Discover Goryeo dynasty (918–1392) celadons, among the most renowned of Asian ceramics.  Learn more about the Goryeo dynasty (918–1392).. Created by Asian Art Museum.

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Video transcript

goryeo dynasty Saladin's or jeongja are among the most renowned of Asian ceramics their development is strongly associated with the Southwest coastal regions around Gong Jin and Bouin in South Korea abundant resources of clay water trees and access to sea transportation routes allowed the ceramics industry to thrive here during the Goryeo period from the 900s through the 1300s 188 kiln sites have been excavated in this area in 1997 one of the museums dedicated to the study and preservation of Goryeo celadon open to the public in Gong Jin a central figure behind the founding of the new museum is Lee jung-hee born and raised in the area Lee became fascinated by the many pottery fragments that were found around his house in 1964 the National Museum of Korea uncovered a Goryeo dynasty kiln site in his garden from then on he immersed himself in the study of Chonga and was one of the people who attempted to recreate their unique and highly valued color paddy is an warden from the cartoons on well tell you who you're it up here in do you think audio ma can do I do I need you dun dun da-dun ho chun-yin and is Nebo together with him corner and territory symbol telling me about to hug a kiss or leave it was such an impossible night on Hollywood all parading was wrong yoho-o Sarang gets very poor Grameen so chupadogra torchon what are you mandarin in and a Korean was a chicken gyro CBC young latinas - right bunny Tsugumi n4 Yankee Dora we are placing the new museum hosts an outdoor festival of ceramics there are demonstrations of the techniques involved in making Chandra Lee believes there are 24 steps involved in the process first the clay is gathered sifted and mixed then allowed to dry for about 20 days before being formed on the wheel the clay is moistened and then pounded and needed to remove air bubbles a variety of techniques are used to decorate the salad ons the most famous is the uniquely Korean inlay technique or Sangam here white or red slip is brushed into incised designs on the leather hard surface of the clay and the excess is scraped off the Saladin's receive two firings the first firing is set at about 800 degrees centigrade after cooling the glaze is applied the unique color derives partly from a small percentage of iron in the glaze the glazed pots are placed back in the kiln inside containers designed to protect them from flying ash and other debris during the celadon festival in 2003 a group of dignitaries and politicians were invited to light the kiln the second firing is set at about 1300 degrees centigrade and the kiln atmosphere is removed of oxygen these many steps results in the unique color of celadon soojung described the glaze as having quote the radiance of jade and the clarity of water the bluish gray green color is admired for its many subtle variations in tone copper oxide and inlay decoration are considered two important innovations of Goryeo Potter's Lee spent decades trying to recreate this process he believes that the Goryeo Potter's were so attuned to their technique that they could tell the temperature of the kiln by observing the color of the fire and smoke and listening carefully to its sounds as the kiln is unloaded each piece is inspected those that do not meet the high standards of production are destroyed this accounts for many of the shards found in the waste piles of ancient kiln sites the gungeon museum today encompasses two excavated kiln sites from the Goryeo period in addition to the galleries in workshops the chief curator mr. chase Anil explains the mission approach on Java marijuana's hop open arizonan Qigong bulletin Jo suji bina anime Josiah Peruvian go pro GUI Jamaat hi Alan - Aram durante pollution go check is over a yahoo signature Shivani madam panchami Luisa me de correos jjong jjong jjong yo tengo gusto mo you say in a Chianina munagi pop today so almond on canto patent I a manager in manova put in each man Segundo to a Goodell gotten you know Puri Sonia Chong gotcha on the hetero Yagami de correo jeongyeon own curiosity nazo Hong she didn't jQuery object and robust ignominy Hanna dr. Amy de Grasse own curiosity thank you dr. Gill committee on channel depending evolution guru yoga system become today the 1000 year old tradition of Goryeo celadon production is being revived again visitors to Korea will see these ceramics proudly displayed in both traditional and modern forms instead oh you go sir sOooo young heroes Harriet I see which is bogus Himalayan Magnum hilarious oh no you pull back on in there so knocked over 2k so not only now