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this lustrous stoneware vessel is a ewer or pitcher dating to the early 1100 s during the Goryeo dynasty it was probably used for wine which may have been warmed by placing the you were in a matching bowl of warm water this year's cylindrical body sharp angled flat shoulder and looping flat handle seems to emulate a metal vessel the lid takes the form of a double Lotus with a jewel element on top mark fen associate head of conservation has taken a close look at this you er it's in pretty good shape there's a few scratches here and there the knob on the very top of the lid is a replacement it was broken off at one point and it's been rebuilt and repainted so that it blends in very nicely and of course there is the ewers exquisite color this your is glazed with color called salad on which is caused by iron oxide in the glaze and it's fired in a reducing atmosphere which means that there's no oxygen present in the kiln during the firing if they've been oxygen in the kiln it would have come out a red believed to have first been made in the second half of the ninth century celadon has always been highly valued in 1123 an emissary from the Chinese imperial court praised its forms and jade colored glaze in the 13th century celadon was regarded as the first under heaven today connoisseurs around the world continue to treasure Saladin's from this period as among the most precious items created by Korean artisans you