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Pets: unit vocabulary

This is a list of some useful and interesting words you'll find in this unit. You probably know some of them already, while others might be new to you.
Take some time to get to know them all before you get started!
Word: actually
  • Definition: the word actually is used to show what is real or true
  • Sample Sentence: Although it is unusual, Petra’s cat actually likes to swim.
Word: advantage
  • Definition: something that makes one thing better than another
  • Sample Sentence: One advantage to having a pet python in my room is that the rest of family hardly comes in.
Word: affection
  • Definition: a feeling of caring for something or someone
  • Sample Sentence: Raj’s pet rat shows his affection by snuggling close to Raj’s neck while he sleeps.
Word: although
  • Definition: however, but
  • Sample Sentence: Although Yvette already had three dogs, she couldn’t stop herself from adopting one more from the shelter.
Word: appear
  • Definition: seem
  • Sample Sentence: It appears as if Horatio is hungry. He keeps pawing at his bowl.
Word: comfort
  • Definition: to make someone feel less upset
  • Sample Sentence: My kitty Missy comforts me by sleeping on my lap when I am sad.
Word: companion
  • Definition: friend
  • Sample Sentence: Ever since Dr. Patel adopted his dog Gigi, he has had a happy companion on his hikes.
Word: disadvantage
  • Definition: something that causes something to be troublesome.
  • Sample Sentence: One disadvantage to having my new puppy is getting up in the middle of the night to let him go outside.
Word: groom
  • Definition: to brush and clean an animal
  • Sample Sentence: The brush with the hard bristles works best to groom my dog when he has knots in his hair.
Word: limp
  • Definition: drooping
  • Sample Sentence: Dakota’s wagging tail went limp when I told her she had to stay home.
Word: loyal
  • Definition: faithful
  • Sample Sentence: Ben’s loyal dog always waits for him by the door after school.
Word: similar
  • Definition: close to the same
  • Sample Sentence: The runt of the litter’s spots made him look similar to his father.

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