The guide below can help you find content that's relevant to you, your children, or your students.

WAY #1: SUBJECT MENU (for any topic)
Subject menu

1  ) Open the SUBJECTS menu.

2 ) Choose a domain (Math, Science, etc.).

3 ) Click a subject that interests you.

Library & mission view

4 ) All subjects have a “library” view.  

5 ) Math also have a personalized “mission view.  Use the link at the top right (circled in image above) to switch between these views.

WAY #2 SEARCH BAR (for any topic)

This search bar appears at the top of every screen on Khan Academy.

Search barTo find resources for a specific Common Core math standard, type the standard’s code, as shown above.

WAY #3: COMMON CORE MAP (Math only)

Go to*

Common core map Select a grade-level or high school subject that you teach.

Common Core on Coach HOmepage*If you are a teacher or coach, simply click the “Common Core” link on your teacher homepage.

Download these instructions as a PDF: Find relevant content.