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I remember I remember when I was a kid I used to like run out of shoe to draw on and I was just like continue drawing up my leg and just like just continue drawing and you know what I didn't really want me to do too much art stuff he was like oh maybe you should try architecture or something like that you know and and I kind of proved to him that I that there was money that you know that I could you know make a living from art and what I found out early on was that when you combined art with technology which kind of made it more relevant to the world that we live in today that that there was a lot more job stability and stuff like that and so when I was making websites there was like animations you could like click on the button and it would make a little animation I was like oh what's this animation thing and then I got more and more curious and then as my websites got fancier and fancier there was like Oh what it would if I could like make a logo and it was like spinning in 3d well I'm like how do I make stuff in 3d I went to this thing called the national portfolio day which is where all the art schools kind of look at students portfolios and I had some 3d stuff but I didn't really I was just like I'm an artist and I happened to have some of this stuff in my portfolio and then when a university saw it they were like whoa they're like you need to do 3d and it's like 3d what and they're like no 3d computer animation I didn't know too much technology stuff so like University was like just I was like a sponge and I yeah I learned a lot in university at school we had to come up with a two and a half minute short film and mine was about a lighthouse keeper that his um his the mechanism that he turns on his light it needs to repair because it's frozen and so this boat is going to come crashing into the the reef that he's on and so in trying to fix the thing he electrocutes himself and dies and he pops up as a ghost and and he's trying to fix the switch but he's like going through this because now he's a ghost and he turns around the boat I blows his horn he turns around sees his dead body and is in crazy shock he needs to snap out of it really quickly because if he doesn't the boats going to crash and so what he realizes is that he can go inside of the the lens that amplifies the light and so the ghost jumps into the lens and it explodes in light and and finally the boat can see the the rocks and sort of avoids them but there was I think some golden nuggets sort of inside of there I think my character that I made I I had a lot of fun making it and when I applied to Pixar um I was applying for a different job position and I happened to have a little video of my character kind of like moving around and having all these like facial expressions and they were like we want you for rigging and I was like what's rigging yeah and so rigging also known as articulation is basically designing an interface of a bunch of like knobs that when you like move them around it it's like moving the character and like blinking the eye light and stuff like that I love making robots and I love making robots because it's a continuation of what I love here at Pixar which is making these characters that I'm hopefully in the minds of people they're they're alive and and for me robotics is just like what if you know what if I could make characters seem alive for just two hours what if I could just make them seem alive for a lot longer like hopefully many years and and so yeah it's it's exciting just you know tinkering with a bunch of things that I don't know about because it's literally I came from an art background and so it's mechanical engineering Electrical Engineering computer science fabrication there's so many things that I just don't know and literally just looking on the internet like I haven't taken a single class and because I'm such a visual learner I always you know search on YouTube first for me like videos are what helped me and and text I only resort to text when when there isn't any video stuff and so it's just kind of an experiment with robots and humans and and that the kind of interactions that you can have with kind of an artificial being just pretty cool