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Hairstylist and salon owner: What I do and how much I make

Sam talks about her role as a salon owner, including key responsibilities and compensation.

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Video transcript

My name is Sam Divine, I'm 27 years old, and I am a salon owner. So because I'm an owner and I work behind the chair, and I'm the manager right now, I'm encompassing three positions. My responsibilities on any given day is going to be getting to the salon, making sure that everything is ready to run smoothly, so making sure that the schedule is correct, making sure that we're fully staffed, taking care of any kind of absences, anything that could possibly make the day run less smoothly, that I'm intercepting those things and preventing them or band-aiding the situation. Taking care of the bills, making sure that payroll is run and payroll is processed. Prepping for the taxes, handling any client situations that could possibly come up, making sure our front desk staff feels supported, and that they have everything they need to do their job really well. Making sure that our stylists and colorists have everything that they need to do their job well. Working day in and day out on the social media campaigns that we're doing because it's a very important part of our industry now, so doing those social media posts whenever I have a break. Working on my own clients for a good portion of the day. At the end of the day, two days a week we run classes for our assistant program, so either myself or one of my lead stylists is going to be leading those classes, so twice a month I'm teaching the education classes that we're having here a couple days a week. And then, this continuous and endless cycle of marketing and bringing new business into the salon. So as a salon owner and behind the chair stylist, I make $55,000 a year, give or take, plus tips when I'm on the stylist side. In comparison to other people in my industry, I think it's gonna vary based on location. If you compare it to the Midwest or the South or cities that aren't as metropolitan as, say, New York, Los Angeles, or Dallas, for instance, it's probably on the median to high end, I would imagine, because salons, you look at the entire scope of the salon industry, it's quite vast. You have salons that are in the Midwest that don't bring in a ton of revenue every year to salons that are bringing in multimillion dollar businesses, so when you look at that, there's going to be that median, and I think in terms of my individual salary, I think we're gonna fall in the median to high for the majority of the country, which is interesting. A manager's gonna earn, in Los Angeles, anywhere from 50 to 150,000 dollars a year as a salon manager, depending on the level of the salon and how big it is. Somebody who's behind the chair at the absolute highest. they'll do, they do in-salon work, they work with their clients, they are on set, they do a lot of photo shoots, they're doing products, they either have their own product line or they're working with a product line that they are the official spokesperson for, so when you take all of that into account, you can take a great income of like $100,000 and turn that into a million-dollar income very, very quickly.