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Course: MCAT > Unit 3

Lesson 1: Foundation 4: Physical processes

Translational motion: Swine flu in Finland


In 2009, an outbreak of swine flu in Finland resulted in significant damage to the economy. In an effort to stem the spread of the virus, researchers investigated the potential cause of the disease. Through scientific experimentation, they were able to identify the disease as a new strain of African swine fever.
The researchers decided to engage in preliminary research by field observation. The team tracked the migration patterns of wild boars in the plains. Their journal log looks like the following:
Day 1: We started traveling from base camp today and hiked 23 miles due East. We found a small group of 12 wild boars.
Day 2: We continued to follow the group of 12 wild boars. We hiked 17 more miles due East. At the end of the day, the wild boars joined with another group of 15 wild boars to form a larger group.
Day 3: The group of 27 wild boars turned north. We followed them 30 miles due north. The wild boars settled at a watering hole near the river.
What was the total distance traveled by the research team?
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