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Mini MCAT passage: Denervation of the renal artery


Considering its involvement in blood pressure regulation, the kidney has interested scientists hoping to treat patients with drug-resistant hypertension. One new technique being explored is denervation of the renal artery. In this procedure, nerves on the renal artery that relay signals from the autonomic nervous system to cells deep in the kidney are severed and left unable to propagate an action potential. This interventional strategy is thought to provide better blood pressure control to patients.
A nephrologist interested in studying the safety of this procedure measured serum levels of renin from 200 mice that had been divided into two groups: 100 mice who had underwent denervation of the renal artery, and 100 mice who did not undergo the procedure. Results are shown in Figure 1 below.
Figure 1 Serum levels of renin in mouse groups
The results in Figure 1 best support which conclusion about renin secretion?
Choose 1 answer: