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The Folkestone Mermaid and the model figure

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I've always what's do something with the little mermaid in Copenhagen a lot of my works about amusing really well worn cliched objects something that's had a past I'm drawn to as long as that pat has a universal key I wanted to use a little mermaid for years and never quite found the right place the right time I was invited to be in this year's folks from tree analogy I thought those injured have all except using a real person not a model to idealized figure and all the houses in folks and will leaflet it and say would you like to be a model I they didn't matter what shape size or age you are I was just looking for somebody who had a spirit I think I'd spotted George in her early on and and I just thought you she had the the present your numbers already statuesque I'm not really a very studio orientated artist you know it's not where I I feel inspired and taught when I really get ideas it's when I'm out and about and having conversations with people or I'm looking at the muse in a museum and I see something or I I'm walking down the beach now I see something and what I'm doing is collecting together fragments of things that somehow build up to a bigger picture the Leaning Tower of Pisa as more looking at it to try and understand what it was about it I found so exciting and getting to talk to the engineers who are trying to save the building and they were going to remove soil from underneath it so excited photos and asked them if I could have the earth when they removed it the earth was put in bags and sent back to me and then I made a hole in all the lumps and i suspended it in a room so it's called subconscious of the monument and somehow that could be a general title for a lot of the works i'll be making me there's almost like a spiral going on in my work I keep coming round to the same point but only different place I'm using bronze for the first time because the original mermaid is made from bronze although it seems like in a very different material this piece is very much part of a continuum I'm hoping that the mermaids will be a kind of subconscious of all those bronzes that are fictionalized I like the idea that the body of somebody who lives in focusin has been sort of imbued with a monumentality yes that's good so she so she can really see a full you know she's a normal 38 year old was two kids adopting the pose of this mythic character I hope there's something quite poignant about somebody still living who's got this monument that she will age of this monument won't well it will age in a different way the material age but the contours will be the same also kind of an amazing waste products on now on man's desire to understand the world it's very hard to determine what what function it has I like that that are but it's very hard to understand what it's for and I don't even need to know what it's for I mean it I know it keeps me just on the verge of authority those you know does its job for me