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Why Is Art Important?

What does art mean to you? What makes art important, and why? From 13th - 27th May we will be exploring questions around the importance of art and opening up the floor to you. This is your invitation to share your thoughts with Tate and the Khan Academy community and tell us what you think about art.

Post your thoughts, questions, and answers to the question “Why is art important?” in the Big Question article. Share a work of art that has special significance to you, or show us a creative work that you made. Tell us a story about art that made you feel, think, or see the world in a different way. Or just explain why, how, and for whom you think art is important. If you're on Twitter don't forget to share your thoughts with #whyart.

Every comment and contribution will have the chance to be included in our grand wrap-up on May 28th, which will showcase some of the answers and ideas posted here. Contributions will be welcome beyond the 28th, but won't be included in the wrap-up..

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    Who is the man at ? Maybe a mathematician?
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    Why is Art so Important?
    It significant in expressing ones culture and states a historical moment in time. Art allows us to express our emotions deeply and allow us to explore our inner spiritual selves and minds.

    Now that being said Art for me is important because its a common tool in dealing with my chronic illness its a way to express the emotions I feel during difficult moments or at times for me a personal way to communicate my own inner voice.

    Art is also a form Child Life Specialists use to allow pediatric patients to communicate when being Hospitalized or when one is dealing with medical based trauma. For Child Life Specialists Art,Play and Technology are the vehicle that helps pediatrics patients communicate there inner voice and heal. Art is truly changed my life and its what inpsires me being a Artist I am...
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