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Exploration questions: global threats to biodiversity

Grab your notebook or computer and write out your answer to each of the following questions. Then compare your answer to the suggested answer found in the “Answers to the exploration questions” document. Have fun! Hint: the information needed to answer these questions can be found in the videos and articles.
1.     After watching the climate change video in this tutorial, your friend says to you “Hmm…in terms of global change, I always thought that the biggest threat to biodiversity was the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) that humans were adding to the atmosphere. But now I think that the biggest issue is the faster rate of CO2 addition rather than the amount.” What do you think? Is the biggest climate change threat to biodiversity the amount of CO2 humans are adding to the atmosphere, the faster rate, or both?
2.     You overhear your brother explaining to his friend that ocean acidification is a major threat to biodiversity and that the cause of ocean acidification is acid rain and chemical pollutants that are dumped into the oceans. Do you agree or disagree with your brother’s explanation of ocean acidification? In a few sentences, explain why or why not. HINT: You can check out the demystifying ocean acidification and biodiversity impacts video for more information on pH, ocean acidification, acid rain, and chemical pollutants.
3.     In a few sentences, describe some of the impacts that global change in temperature is expected to have on biodiversity.

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