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Conservation and installation of cosmological painting

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the size of these paintings is very large as a result there are so many type of damage mostly from hundred or display purpose from the display purpose or storage the biggest problem of these paintings is afflict pigmented surface so right half of the paintings or towards the bottom pigments a severe afraid so we need to stabilize try to secure the pigment from the father lost so we are applying consultant which other Hills those loose pigment onto the primary the cotton support of the painting consultant we use is prepared from a mixture of gelatine and Warsaw seaweed extract generating solution is very powerful consultant it gives the great adhesion of the flaked pigment but it's very watery so we added she read a construct to make the solutions remo viscous so it will stay between a faith pigment when it's applied onto the surface instead of like water water dedicate going through too fast through the rear we are applying consultant unto the painted surface through the suction table which the table are keeps the air peeing downwards so when we apply the water-based consultant it doesn't pour on the surface of the painting if what I was revved wrong enough on the surface it may create headlines or water liquid damage and the consolidation treatment will create another type of damage instead of securing the freaking pigment so suction table works great to keep that air downwards so it prevents to cause such damage the size of the painting is a little over 90 square inches so it's too big for the suction table which is only like a 40 by 60 so we join the table together so that allow us to open the paintings completely while we are working on this each smaller sections for the consolidation the painting doesn't need to have stress from the Lord roll onto tube once the consolidation is finished from section to section we will load up on the tube and then start working on towards the center so once pigment is consolidated we will move on to more treatment to visually improve the appearance of the paintings such as temporarily feeding the roses so which they instead of you notice the rows immediately you will see more image towards you and also we will secure the edges which are quite now played and unstable so those will be physically secure so top 10 pitch already painting is secure will be installed in the gallery and then loading down paintings to open completely your leg you you